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How To Anodize Aluminum Parts Easily In The Home Shop Using a 12 Volt Battery Charger and Readily Available Anodizing Supplies (Battery Acid, Black Dye, etc.) That Can Be Sourced Locally. It Is a Step-By-Step Video Showing The Entire Process Start To Finish. The Part was Turned On The Lathe And Is 6061 T6 Aluminum. If You Have Any Questions Please Drop Me a Comment. Please subscribe and click the notifications “bell” to get notified of newly released videos. A thumbs up and your comments are always appreciated! Thanks for Watching!

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  1. Thanks this is working great for me. I added a neutralizing step after it comes out of the acid bath, just before it goes in the dye bath.

  2. After you do the anodizing bath. how long can you wait before you dye the parts? I'd like to use the same burner to heat up the dye. — thank you

  3. The results are nice, but the process is too labor intensive. Probably much cheaper to send it out and have it done by a shop set up to do a bunch.

  4. Can I anodize something black that was previously anodized a gold-color? In other words can something be re-anodized? Must you remove the previous anodizing? if so , how?

  5. Awesome video with extremely easy and simple steps to follow.by watching this video I'm going to save about $150 by being able to not only change color of my rc parts but also make them look new again.granted itll take some time to do but in my opinion knowledge is power not to mention I'll be able to do any other aluminum parts I may want done myself.thanks for video.

  6. thanx for the video, it's nice summary. For those interested in more details, for instance how much current to apply (4.5 amps per sq foot of surface area) check out caswells anodizing manual

  7. Hello Everyone, I have a problem with anodising the pressure casting aluminium, means the alloy with high silicon contain (Si>6%). Does anybody tried this? Which parameter could be a problem, which should be combined?

  8. How I set the parameter in anodizing different tank like sulphuric,nitric,caustic,sealing.with dm or normal water …

  9. Looks like there is hydrogen getting generated . Does the bubbling happen on the anode part also.high stress parts fail due to hydrogen embrittlememt.

  10. The negative lead attached to the sacrificial aluminum is the anode. The part, attached to the positive lead is the cathode.

  11. Simple green to remove "brake cleaner residue". Something sure seems off to me. Are you sure you're doing that in the right order? 😊

  12. can you use a different acid? or is that the only one that you would recommend? I have a yoyo that is raw aluminum and I want to refinish it. I will probably plan to sand and satin the body, then annodize.

  13. Just wanted to be that guy who asks the same question: What is the cathode made from? However, you answered it already, thanks!

  14. Really the most important thing is temperature NO NO NO people wear goggles sono liquids or fumes get in your eyes remember u r in a ventilated area meaning air is flowing at good flows around ur body face and head and also u r working with electricity make sure u r not the ground and yes pleanty more to be alarmed in a unregulated shadetree shop as this all i can say is u r also making recipes of chemicals and PPE PPE PPE

  15. Those bare spots where wire connected can be avoided by cinching the wire away from the part between two nuts, and tinning a Brass Bolt with solder, so the solder-tinned Brass threads lock electrically, as you drive them into the part. No marks !

  16. do you have to "charge" your electrolyte solution? With zinc plating, you ring a cathode and anode in the solution without a part to get zinc ions to be suspended in the solution. same for this process?

  17. You need to edit the beginning where you talk about the electrolyte. You say " 4 quarts water and 3 quarts acid" then you say "that's about a quart or quart and a half". 7 quarts is almost 2 gallons.

  18. A college professor teaching chemistry said always add acid, and think of the triple AAA logo. Good video. Spokane Valley, WA

  19. I haven't worked with this process myself but I seen some of the process at work years ago. The the dye used was Sandoz product and the sealer was nickel acetate. I hear Rit brand dyes work for coloring aliminum too with decent results. Very nice video 🙂

  20. Thank you for posting this. I have always wondered how the process was done but it sounded all mysterious and scary the way it was explained to me before….you know, the "dangerous chemicals" and expensive equipment blah blah blah. This process is simple and done with common sense not dangerous at all. I have most of the things needed to do this right now in my home. You earned my like and gained a new sub too!!


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