✅Windows 7 Tutorial – How to create a backup system image in Windows 7


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This quick Windows 7 Tutorial shows you how to create a backup system image of your entire drive(s) and also create a boot repair disc in case of emergency. For more Windows 7 and Windows 8 tips click cheers!

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  1. Question, if i create an image backup of my old PC so that i can use that (same image) on new fresh windows install, On the new install will windows ask me to re-enter the software product keys for M. office and windows ? or will (it recognize the product key from the saved image?

  2. Hello i havé question about win back up image If i make Windows 7 back up image that Will be have all the software i installe on it or not Please Answer my questionThanks

  3. For some reason I don't have the option to choose which drives are being backed up. It makes me do the local disk (win the OS on it) and a Data drive. Any suggestions?

  4. Thank you, just … when i put the ''boot repair disk'' it doesn't boot.It shows me only the files.Do i boot it in safe mode ?

  5. I'm currently trying to install windows 10, but I'm worried that maybe some drivers are not compatible or it just doesn't run smoothly, so I'm trying to find a way to backup my current windows, not the files but just the windows so that I can revert back to my current if I want to, So is this the way(shown in video)? or is there another way since this video backs up all data on the C which is a lot of stuff besides windows, any help whose be appreciated.

  6. I have a External Drive but used my 8 – DVDs instead so i have a copy Image of my whole ''C-Drive'' ,System Image is a good way of keeping all that's running your windows 7 in good order . Also still Back-Up to my External drive every 2 weeks and use MalwareBytes + Disk Cleaner ( Built-In ) before i made my System Image. 10/10 Video …Cheers

  7. It do not let me to recover only C (system) drive alone. I have also "My documents" moved to D drive, that is why I think I cannot uncheck D drive from backup. That disappointed me.


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