$1 BANH MI Vietnam Street Food | Cheap VIETNAMESE FOOD in Hanoi, Vietnam


Hanoi series has officially started! In today’s first episode, I started my morning with the most popular Vietnamese sandwich, Banh Mi. The Vietnamese baguette was filled with pate, different kinds of meat, herbs, fried egg, and 3 sauces. Every bite was meaty, flavorful, and full of textures. I personally love hot toasted bread so I enjoyed it a lot. Gone in a few minutes! It was so filling and comforting at the same time. It immediately won my heart! For 25000vnd/1.07usd, it is the most worth it quick grub you could ever have in the whole of Vietnam. I will never go back to eating Banh Mis in Manila which costs 3-4usd. Location: Banh My, Trung Ngai Cuu Number: 0972937274

My daily breakfast will not be complete without coffee. And Vietnam is the 2nd best producer in the whole world. So it must be good, right? If we have Startbucks everywhere in the Philippines, Vietnam has their own version called Highlands coffee. My tonsils are not in good condition for some cold drinks so I ordered a small hot Americano for 35000vnd/1.50usd. That’s half the price of a regular coffee in the Philippines! It was strong enough to keep me awake for the day. I love that they also serve a white pastry to go with it. They tasted great together. This specific location is just a few walks away from the Banh Mi stall.

After that wonderful breakfast, I bought some more Banh Mis for takeaway and headed home straight. My sister and baby loved it too! We rested for a bit and went out for lunch after.

The area where we live is like the BGC of Manila, except that it is owned by a single group. Times city has everything we needed. From malls to restaurants, convenience stores to supermarkets, international schools, day care centers, play areas, fountains, banks, everything! So for lunch, we went to a restaurant literally just beside our building. By the way, the condominiums here are called “apartments”.

We went to Pho Cao Gia and we ordered their best sellers. We started with a glass of Soymilk (15000vnd/.64usd). It tasted like how it’s supposed to taste. A great way to refresh us before the mains. Then we had their signature dish called Com Suon Nuong Cao Gia – Grilled Pork Rib with Special Sauce (75000vnd/3.20usd). The pork rib is tender yet there is quite a chew. Buu the sauce is what stood out for me. It tasted familiar because it’s like a barbecue sauce. But I could not guess the ingredients put in it. It’s so good that I could finish the entire rice serving with the sauce even without the pork. The hot sauce made it more exciting to eat! Yum! The next dish is like an appetizer called Pho Cuon – Steamed Pho Paper Roll (60000vnd/2.56usd). It looked familiar as it is like the typical fresh spring rolls. But I was wrong. It was actually a steamed pho roll with beef, pickle, and salad. It was so light and addicting! Especially when dipped in their signature nuoc cham (flavored fish sauce) topped with nuts and fried shallots. THE BOMB! The next dish is another specialty with chinese influence called Pho Chien Phong Sot Nam – Fried Cube Cut Noodle (75000vnd/3.20usd). It looked and tasted like a typical chinese beef dish with veg and thick mushroom sauce. But the most unique thing about it is the fried noodles! So crunchy addicting! I could have them with just salt for a snack while watching a movie. There’s nothing like it. And I would go back for it. I so love the texture both the crunch and also when it is soaked in the mushroom sauce. Excellent!

Today is just the first day, I know! But I can say that it was the BEST first day of my food adventures in Asia. It is the most memorable one for me. I hope you watched the video from start to end. If you liked the 1st episode, please subscribe and see you on the 2nd episode!♥♥♥

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  1. So drooling over that banh mi right now. Love your up close shots of the sandwich and the bread

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  3. Hello FoodieMommaPH! I hope this message finds you well. I am a producer at INSIDER and I recently found this amazing video and we would love to feature it in one of our videos about sandwiches around the world! For a little knowledge about us, INSIDER is a part of Business Insider. All of your footage will be credited with your Facebook, Instagram or YouTube page.

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  4. I like the food in Vietnam way better than the philpines way more cleaner lot more herbs o dare to say lechón sucks😬🤓

  5. Spiciest ghost pepper spicy chicken noodle challenge.
    I would like you to make this video with Luke Martin and Sabrina Davidson.

  6. wow I love this delicious food looks more awesome. I want to try it 😄and baby o my god so cute and talk in English woooow oh 😁 he makes me happy. good luck for next episode I am waiting for your new video. from india😃

  7. Baby Kayla is soo cute and she eats the sandwich! Impressive. Grayson is sooo picky still. It's fun watching her… and then the food… it looks so yummy! Great job again! The Leoncio Channel is proud of you. lol!

  8. I hope you go outside of the Western knives part of Hanoi because you might as well just be back in America or Europe if you're not going to go to where the

  9. dito samin sa bataan may vietnamese resto . sa morong bataan 🙂 dinadayo ng mga bloggers/vloggers at maging mga artista hehhee..try nyo po minsan kapag may chance kayo sikat din banh mi nila doon hehhee..

  10. Hi girl,you do a good job that i love ,your little girl knows how to act so funny the famous right there,next…more food re-action.

  11. I enjoyed your video, but I am really looking forward to more from the Philippines. That is where I would like to travel to, from the US.

  12. Love sitting on those little plastic stools while eating street food in Vietnam. Part of the whole experience

  13. Nice. Please try Bun Bo Hue. They said it's the king of all noodles according to Vietnamese. I hope you can also try their local restaurants like carinderia in the Philippines. It's very cheap.


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