10 INSANELY BROKEN Korean Builds YOU SHOULD ABUSE Before They Get NERFED – League of Legends


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Our analysts cover 10 insanely broken Korean builds for season 10.

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  1. most memorable moment was when sylas came out; was so hyped to FINALLY get an AP Bruiser, but there weren't any items for that class to exist and they slowly turned him into an AP burst mage with reworks and readjustments to the point his kit feels clunky

  2. The most memorable moment in s9 is when i was playing at a net café and a earthquake happened and i didnt leave my seat until im the only one left in the café cuz we was gon pull a sick comeback and it was my promos so yah

  3. Well, I thought Dark Harvest for ASC and Glacial for support was the norm for Senna.

    I've been playing her since day one and I can't get enough of Glacial, but I don't build crit tho, I play her almost exclusively as a support.

  4. seeing broken shit like aatrox, mordekaiser or maokai in the toplane, this game turns to fkn shit cause they created a fkn 5 toplane solocarry game where you just get STOMPED if they can play this shit…. once had a teamfight vs maokai where he just healed through 11k of dmg mauling every fkn champ with his fist #idontreallyneedthismanashitwithoutanyCD

  5. not trying to roast you guys, but these builds are layed by korean proffesionals and most of them arent even their go to builds. The fact that they play them once or twice doesnt mean that they are relevant

  6. Glacial Augment Senna is disgusting. My preferred rune page for it is Stopwatch, biscuits, approach velocity for main tree and secondary is situational but I like to take mana flow band and transcendance most of the time. Glacial procs from your Q, which procs approach velocity allowing you to sneak an auto in quick as they’re slowed, with no way for them to answer.

    For items I like to go Manamune first, then Black Cleaver for even more mobility and kiting potential, then usually infinity edge for massive crits and the rest is situational.

    The best part about the build is it works anywhere but jungle, so if you’re auto filled it’s easy to stay consistent with playing Senna if you’re one tricking her.

    The build is hella fun, try it if you get the chance lol

  7. 4:25 imagine calling yourself pro guides and not knowing what conqueror does, “switch to spider form for the 15 percent healing and extended duration for melee champions” melee and ranged have same duration, it’s the healin that’s different, nani

  8. My favourite moment in season 9 was not being 2 levels behind the solo laners even though I have even cs 🙃 as a jungler

  9. So, an adc with utility runes. Senna with full attack speed and crit, no armor pen. Manamune when you could just get mana from runes. Your build is kind of a piece of shit


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