$100 VS $800 Arming Sword Comparison


I don’t do any cutting in the video. This video only shows the manufacturing differences.This is a quick comparison of a few different arming swords ranging in value from $100ish to $800ish.
You can find a few more bits of info on the swords here..

The basic arming sword –

This is the closes to the DSA sword now.

The Ronin does not have a website as it is a prototype. This is the current offering but it is much different.

The albion has been out of stock for a while and I cannot find it on their website.

Nguồn: https://dantrithegioi.com

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  1. You done well with these videos that you created. Cosmetically all these sword seem to have issues. But the main three things that make a great sword is 1st the tang ( how thick and wide it is and is the tang rounded where the cross guard goes as this is the stress point )and 2nd the heat treatment.. and 3rd the type of steel.the peen is also another great way to tell. Pommels that screw on …..well no. In time they become loose and yeah the whole thing is total nightmare. Swords their is a lot of rubbish out their. Hard to find a good one. $2.500 is what you would pay for a great sword worthy of a king. Anything below $1500.00 dont waste your money. You will be seting your self up for disapppintment.

  2. the gap isn't good because if the blade impacts something it becomes more probable for the guard to become loose, the guard loosening (in my mind) isn't too much of a problem, but all the issues you've stated aren't good either. The biggest issue is if the pommel loosens which is why threaded constructions are generally frowned upon by sword enthusiasts.

  3. You're pretty spot on why gaps in the guard are bad. Only one more thing I can think of: may be less durable in guard strikes.

  4. Im looking for a german Longsword,it dont needs decorations or so…but the blade must be properly made and not cost more than 300…
    Any recommendations?

  5. The first, Knight Templar Arming Sword you exhibit in this clip, to me, looks like a European Arming Sword made by some Indian manufacturer, if I remember correctly. Of course, it should be the cheapest, as the Templars were sworn to poverty, right?


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