Abstract Background Design in Illustrator


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Hello world, If any of you are using MIUI then you might have seen this type of wallpapers and background in stock Rom. I thought you guys might want to know how to make abstract line background in illustrator. It is very easy than it seems. You will know how subtle gradients can improve our design. Video content has inspired by MiUi.

This video will help to those who are learning material design and UI UX design
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I hope you’ll learn something out of it. 🙂
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  1. When I apply the drop shadow, I see it off the artboard, and on objects that are off the artboard. But I dont see it on the gradient…

  2. how do I export it as a wallpaper in high quality? i tried exporting with the For Web option and also tried opening the .ai file in Photoshop and save as .jpg but the quality just doesnt come in

  3. Very nice work. I want to follow but stop at the ways to set up the ratio of color 100% brightness white to 0% in black. may i ask for it, where can set up for them? thanks a lot.

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