addressing seungri’s scandal


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  1. {PLEASE READ} — I've heard from several sources since posting this video, including Zico himself, that Zico was NOT in the group chat nor involved in this scandal. People assumed he was involved in this scandal due to comments he made on radio star (popular Korean show) in 2016 about how much he liked Jung Joon Young's "golden phone". Jung Joon Young is a major culprit in this scandal and sent vicious and disturbing messages and videos in the group chat. But as of right now, Zico claims that what he said on radio star about the phone had nothing to do with this current scandal and that he is innocent.

  2. and what to expect from you, another worthless piece of shit who just jumps along on the hate bandwagon for some attention and views, that you cant get otherwise.
    defending an innocent celebrity is ridiculous?there was not even one minute of the whole last year, that he was guilty of something. there were always only baseless accusations and he already disproved the worst of them, even before you human garbage made this video.
    you even made a video to defame an innocent celebrity, making you one of the worst piece of shits and the main reason why sulli and hara died…and that just for some attention, you really are disgusting, especially since i still dont see a video of you with an apology.

    must be a very miserable and worthless life, if you let yourself suffer from this social media mental issues, which makes you so ridiculously desperate for some attention, that you value more than the lifes of innocent celebrities…making it even more disgusting how you pretend to like other celebrities, while you proved to shit on all of them with this video.

  3. another comments section full of disgusting and worthless piece of shit who love to murder innocent idols with cyber bullying and defamations, when others do it too, which makes them believe, that makes it a cool trend. and now that hes still innocent and already disproved the worst accusations even back then, i still dont see a single piece of shit here, who attacked him with lies, writing an apology for defaming him.

    you worthless piece of shits are all part of a serious problem, main reason for sullis and haras deaths, thats why you are all literally worthless, not needed in this world, when the only thing you can do in your miserable lifes is being so hateful and attack innocent celebrities just for some attention, that you dont get in your sad and worthless lifes…

  4. Seungri has been proven to be INNOCENT so please don’t hurt the guy anymore he’s already been wrongly accuse and die to some many people jumping to conclusions he had to sacrifice his entire career for something he did not do

    – spread the news please :>>

  6. Woooah, thanks for creating a video post on this, didn’t know all this stuff was going on until I saw comments from his 2018 video post, this is cray!!! Btw did you say Zico was in the group text???

  7. His fans on website, says hes innocent. Like, he might be your idol, but dont tolerate his crime. Support him, but dont defend him with lies.

  8. the way people are really believing this half-assed excuse of a video now, after 11 months of police investigation. Watch newer videos people, not old stuff.
    You comments make me feel embarrassed. so sad to see you here instead of all the new videos.

  9. Shouldn’t we give him a second chance ?! I mean he’s not perfect but no one is ! I’m not saying that what he did was okay but he is sorry…………please let’s just give our seungri a second chance 🥺💔

  10. I am just sooo sad that Seungri did smthing like this..When i was younger, he was a model for me and everytime i saw him I never felt more proud to be a VIP !
    But apparently appearances are much more misleading than we think..
    Anyways, i just hope that it will not affect BigBang and YG too much and that even Seungri is a horrible person, that he will be alright, after all maybe he is a good person deep in his heart

  11. I bet all the people hating on seungri and people that defended him got a slap of reality in their face now that he has been proven innocent

  12. If you are defending him just imagine he wasn’t a kpop idol that you liked and that he was a normal korean citizen


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