Ankita Lokhande’s SHOCKING STATEMENT On EX Sushant Singh Rajput


Ankita Lokhande and Sushant Singh Rajput’s breakup story became a topic of discussion. And today Ankita revealed how tough it was for her when Sushant broke up with her.

Reporter: Arya Money
Editor: Rupesh Shinde

#AnkitaLokhande #SushantSinghRajput
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  1. Ankita in your case don't go back to your ex Sushant. I have ex bfs too but in my case we broke up on good terms ,no cheating was involved all my ex bfs talk good about me so in my case ex can go back but the twist is I am married and have kids . So moving forward is my life .

  2. Sushant kamina hai thoda pehchaan Kya Mila pyar ko hi bhul gya waise Abhi tk koi bhi movie jayada super duper hit hua hi nhi .

  3. Allha kre ye log phr se mil jaye r ankita k maan main allha phr se piyar jaga deeee kyn mooojzzzy hoty ha inshaa allha ye log. Mily ggy r ankita ye real lif ha plz go back to shushan sinhg rajput pichli bato ko bhula do

  4. Love conquers anything and everything, if they are meant to be together forever so it be but as a couple they are match made in heaven. They compliment each other and I love them to be together forever ❤️

  5. Personally I like Ankita and Sushant as a couple but I do support Ankita as a girl
    I understand her pain and her loneliness after her breakup with Sushant

  6. Well done Ankita. Kabhi aisa mat karna qui ki Sushant ne apni accha position pane ki bath ab ko chora tha sO is insan ki pas bapas mat ja na… Ankita YOU deserve someone better.

  7. Sushant Singh was very much in love with her..I don't know why he had get distracted other females starts.Life is full of distractions but the truth is it's very rare to find one who loves you..

  8. After watching this video saw that Ankita is having lot of attitude n ego then it's better they don't patchup otherwise Sushant will go mad it's good she only cleared him

  9. I Love and my favorite serial pabitra rista…..ram milayi Jodi hai ankita mam and susant sir…..but susant sir nai ye achha nehi Kiya…..😢😢


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