Anodizing (Or the beauty of corrosion)


Bill describes how metals like aluminum and titanium are made resistant to corrosion by growing an oxide layer into the metals. These is the same process used on many Apple products. This video is based on a chapter in the book Eight Amazing Engineering Stories; learn more at



  1. Hello Everyone, I have a problem with anodising the pressure casting aluminium, means the alloy with high silicon contain (Si>6%). Does anybody tried this? Which parameter could be a problem, which should be combined?

  2. i was production foreman at a Anodizing company…fun WOW! Bright Dip Tank = Nitric, Sulfuric, and Phosphorus Acid mixed with water and heated to 97 degrees. full body PPE. hand in, bone out.

  3. 1:43 This is also the how pearlescent pigments are made. A layer of TO2 is deposited on very small mica (or borosilicate) platelets so the color is produced is by the thickness of the layer. TO2 exists in two crystal types, Anatase and Rutile and they give different results.

  4. Exceptional video. it told me exactly what I wanted to know regarding WHAT anodizing was, but what to expect. Thanks for for such a complete, and easy to understand explanation!

  5. While your explanation is top notch, really appreciate it. I couldn't help but imagine the repercussions of mass anodization of "everyday objects" considering the amount of toxic water that is created in the process….Me thinks Powder coating is lesser of the two evils.


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