Anti Memes 2


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  1. I’m going to give you 4 seconds before I make the war for independence look like a tea party
    Only history scholars will get it

  2. 1:54 while you're just dark magician (ooh)
    You've got a FIFTH of your population end your nation but,
    I got 9-year olds of worlds so hold your defecation! (oops)
    MULTU PACA what the FU*K is that even supposed to mean, your language sounds like it comes from a mumble rap community!
    No papa, no papa, yes papa, JOHNNY!
    So down all of the sugar and lets throw this F*CKING PARTY with some

    B*TCH lasagna, B*TCH lasagna,
    T-Series aint nothing but a
    B*TCH lasagna!

    B*TCH lasagna, B*TCH lasagna,
    Look at T-Series theyre just crying for their mama!
    B*TCH lasagna, B*TCH lasagna!

    T-Series aint nothing but a
    B*TCH lasagna!

    Youve got a population of 1.23 BILLION, but most your videos cant seem to hit even a MILLION!
    SUB BIT!

  3. A sword: named it :

    Owner of the game: you can’t get it because it’s only for owner

    Me: lets go get it

    Owner: you wouldn’t get it


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