AoMike (Mike D Angelo – Aom Sushar)


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Song: Sad Song – We The Kings ft. Elena Coats



  1. I love them together………I believe Aom is born for Mike……
    But..Unfortunately they are saying ."..we are just friends "…..
    Aom….plzzz …look in to Mikes eyes …He have true feelings for you…..
    Maybe guys have personal stuffs ….
    But…i really want you together
    till your end ….
    Love from India….

  2. hoping hve many project coming fr ths aomike loveteam… i like this couple hve a big chemistry showing in television.wsh u both guys tht ur relationship is going to be in REAL..Godbless

  3. The way I assists Mike stares to aom there's between them. Idk what it is but there is love in his eyes. So cute. Hoping that someday they will cross their path again and let that feeling show the way, let it free .

  4. Omg even Indians are in love with him ,what a cuttie pie 😘😘love u da
    My first thai drama i liked soo much that i watch it again n again
    I wish i could see them in real
    But i dont know thai language even if i meet them i cant speak with them

  5. Im from malaysia but i really like them both. I hope them can make new drama. I hope them can acting drama korean "my secret romance " or "emergency couple". Im hopefully. Thank you.

  6. Thay Mike luôn dua giỡn với b diễn như La Mao hiểu dong nek. Cung Nam tay giỡn. trò chuyện lie truym Day thoi. nên aommike vậy nhưng chỉ là b. aommike Than nhau là dong CA 3bo phim rồi nên mới Tinh Cam vay


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