Ark Additions | Brachiosaurus! | An ARK: Survival Evolved mod trailer


Download the mod here! Created by the talented Garuga123!

But why stop at one? Download the ENTIRE Ark Additions creature collection here for your singleplayer or server! Includes Brachiosaurus and many more!

The Brachiosaurus is a massive Sauropod which stands higher than even a Titanosaur. Found on The Island and Aberration, Brachiosaurus is a predominantly passive creature unless threatened.
When attacked, Brachiosaurus will take a bipedal stance, and attempt to crush its’ attacker in a single hit! Be careful not to be caught beneath this catastrophic attack! If a Brachiosaurus has been
severely damaged, it will unleash a bellow in its’ attempt to flee, which will instill fear into most attackers, even Giga’s!
When tamed, Brachiosaurus have the unique trait of being able to gather almost all resources! This, coupled with their immense carry weight, make them incredible gatherers and mobile storage units!

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  1. that beginning scene where it chased away the diplos HAS to be inspired by WWD, right!?!?

  2. This is why console players need to be able to have mods.Its so boring we have to wait for like a year just to get some 6 new creatures.


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