In this video we check out Ark Survival Evolved on the PS4 Pro. In this Ark PS4 Pro gameplay ep 1 I go through the early stages of HOW TO LEVEL FAST IN ARK SURVIVAL EVOLVED

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  1. Hey guys, I’m here to save you time and creative possibilities. This is about ark. Firstly Facebook is made of of people who run and develop Facebook so you can use it. Everyday at Facebook devs use and design Facebook and while using Facebook check what’s going on to make it better, for them and their users. Ark the game is also run and operated by PEOPLE, who play and develop the ark. Unfortunately so do some of their friends, family and co workers like graphic designers, outsourced engineers, their children etc. these people have a direct contact with each other, it’s close to a couple thousand people. Ark is corrupt for a reason, because you’re playing with the dev, who most likely is on THIER SERVER. You’ll hear them say: this is my server, this is everyone’s server. How can a server on official be yours? A lot of players use this to their advantage. So the other day I was sitting with a friend and he gets onto ark and then something happened and he gets knocked off of his mount player beats him etc. he says one moment I’m coming back, boom god and calls his uncle who is outsourced at are to develop the game. Guess what that same player who did what he did, vanished from the server. He was telling me the whole time: you’ll see now beep beep : corruption and corrupted government live and operate amongst the civilian. Warning: you will eventually come across an ark devs associate and be corrupted… the game is rigged. Enjoy bashing rock for 6 hours guys… I’ve deleted the game and I feel better.

  2. because i have got the game and it is not loading on my ps4 pro and it is saying i half to pay 6 pound 99

  3. I don't really get why people say this game looks amazing. I have it on ps4 pro, i get frame drops constantly, and the graphics are hideous.
    Like really really shit graphics, there are ps2 games with better graphics.

  4. If anyone is looking for a good new fibercraft to escape the grind sometimes, there is a new boosted cluster on PS4 called "HecticGaming" and the settings are on point. 9 minutes to raise a pt with 1 imprint. 1 hour gigas. And kibble is craftable there in Indy cookers without connection to water for the cost of 1 fiber per kibble. Medbrews are just tinto berries. Mindwipes 1000 ingots in the cooker. Owner and admins are fair and generous with loot events.


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