ARK: Survival Evolved – Before You Buy


ARK: Survival Evolved (PC, PS4, Xbox One) has finally reached a full release. Is this dinosaur adventure survival sim worth the hype? Let’s talk.
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  1. My best experience was when me and my friends all finally got birds on our server and flew over a small enemy base and raided it

  2. Guys I’m opening a server soon where is going to be like a game of thrones play with a lot fun things to do come and try it out I’m on Xbox add me lilsushidubzzz

  3. My best ark experience when i played an hour on official server without lagging on my 1st version 500gb of a sht slow xbox one

  4. The problem I have with the ark spawn mechanics, you spawn in the same places. South Zone one is the same place. North Zone is the same place.

  5. the first time i played this game me and my friend went and tamed our first rex and it was prolly one of the most amazing feeling of all time

  6. I don’t find it that fun especially when you are in a server, have a base and some games then the next day you are wiped it makes it look like there is no point

  7. Mine was accidentally knocking out a giga I thought it was a Rex but when I knocked it out and realized it was a giga I was so happy and I still have it to this day that's a level 275 now


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