ARK: Survival Evolved Collectors Edition Unboxing (PS4)


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Successfully escaping Early Access with ARK’s official release, physical copies of the game are out. With every popular release comes a collectors edition, with every collectors edition comes an unboxing video from my grubby fingers.

ARK is a game that Ive invested so much time in and immediately fell in love with… So much so that I bought this for PS4 on top of my PC version. The contents of the box contain the same items as the PC and XBOX ONE version, included are:

– ARK: Survival Evolved Explorers Edition
– The Game’s Season Pass
– OST By Gareth Coker
– ARK Logo Necklace
– Cloth Map
– Poster of Studio Wildcard Team
– Survival Dossier


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  1. Though a great collectors edition, I find it very frustrating that they released it so soon though like two years ago, Ark wasn't even halfways finished until now with genesis releasing but yet they released a physical dossier book with only 40 percent of all ark creatures so it just doesn't make sense to not release it until they were completely done with all the dlcs.

  2. I always find it funny when youtubers say

    “I will put the card over here”
    Points to his right aka our left

    Card appears on our right

    Idk why I find that funny

  3. When I saw another youtuber unboxing this, he opened the giant beaver's page in the dossier book, and it was spelled "Castorides". Is it indeed spelled that way in your copy? I could have sworn that in game it's actually spelled "Castoroides".

  4. Where do I get this? Pleaz ANSER I still have have it somewhere to pick it up and it's been to weeks now?

  5. I think I'm gonna start scripting these unboxings now… Doing it live doesnt really work with my natural stutter and issues


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