ARK: Survival Evolved – Fear Evolved 2 Trailer


The Dead have returned and for the next week the ARK is undergoing a spooky seasonal change where the air is cooler, the days shorter and the nights longer, and a Blood-Moon shines brightly as zombies, living skelesaurus, and terrifying creatures of the night appear above ground.

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  1. I feel like the only people complaining about the dlc shit haven't even played ark because if you have, you know it has tremendous value with the amount of hours you put into the game and all the content in it

  2. BTW everyone before you complain on twitter they said they will be pulling insane work days to bring this to you guys its not paid for DLC its for free along with the rest of the holiday events including ARk birthday so please be grateful and appreciate life

  3. when is this game actually going to release? considering i have it on my laptop and never play it due to shit opotmization, and lag, and i wnna get it once it come's out..yet it's been in developental stage for almost a year now. come on

  4. Sicnr everyone else apart from xbox one get to enjoy the hallowe'en event while its canceled on Xbox I think xbox users should get a refund for the overpriced DLC and it also be free for xbox since the deva have the cheek to charge for doc in an unfinished game then have the nerve to cancel the Halloween event for Xbox

  5. Meanwhile the devs still keep this shit in early access because……
    Well because they are idiots, and you guys are stupid for giving them money for that.

  6. to the people wanting this on ps4. wildcard doesn't care about the consle versions nearly as much as the pc. you don't get holiday events on console and every pc update comes to xbox a month after… bf1 is more entertaining than console ark atm.

  7. this game would be so awesome as a elder scrollsish quest based adventure. Not really into the survival thing though.


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