Ark: Survival Evolved – Mod Showcase – Human NPCs (Bush People Replacement)


Ark: Survival Evolved – Mod Showcase – Human NPCs (Bush People Replacement)

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  1. So I added this mod to my Ragnarok server expecting just a couple of houseses every so often ……..went to Viking Bay….. Saw a city……..was attacked by I counted 175humans killed my Griffin with fire and I ran for my life till they caught me and murdered me, as revenge I burned them all with my dragon O.o

  2. Theres a new mod out called bush people. Is that you? If not its a good npc mod too. Its new so its a little buggy but its pretty cool.

  3. Did you use the default amount of NPC’s?

    There isn’t a video out here on anybody setting up this mod, it just jumps right into it and the complicated variables of the NPC’s. Where is the basic video of getting this mod started?

    I have it downloaded & installed, and I manually entered it to be 1,000 NPC’s on the island. I wish I had an example to run off of to make sure I didn’t make a mistake.

  4. Great Review Krusty 🙂

    But I will still have to mention Human NPCs is not and never was a replacement for Bush People 🙂

    Tips –

    When the NPCs are crouched they are hunting.

    Storage items – works off of the items parent class and is why only some S+ items work.

    For Farming – Resources need to be in the area for them to harvest.
    No trees – No Wood.
    Crop Plots – NPCs give the plot a bit of water every time they visit it and you need to add the seeds to grow what you want.
    The extra stuff like the Narcotics, Wool, Carrots Etc are what the NPCs have as a bonus you get it by killing them or taming them.


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