Asdivine Hearts II (How to Defeat Bloody Maidame Curie Expert Mode)


Asdivine Hearts II
Bloody Maidame Curie

Sorry for the laggy video and crappy audio that sounded like a broken radio, im using intel pentium here so just deal with it, in my opnion from all excreate x kemco games that i’ve played, only this game that took a lot of processor usage, so i suggest you play this game with better pc specs, android or ios.

Anyway here’s what you gonna need to do to fight her on expert mode without premium items:
– Collect Excellent and Ultimate seeds to maxing all your characters stats, you can collect those stuff in Forgotten Village.
– Weapon must be +999? nah i don’t think that’s necesarry because BG (Brave Gauge) for physical attack is easyly dried out so magics is the best trump card to fight her
– It would be best if your Magic level is level 99, especially “Mini Big Bang” and “Dark Matter”
– 4 Guard All Jewels for each leader, this one also isn’t really necesarry you can change it if you want to, i prefer you use unison jewel for more damage
– 1 Doom Jewel for each leader to prevent her skill “Countdown All”
– Full Hitman Jewel for support member, you really gonna need this for more damage and when she reach below 1% HP, her defense will be boosted drastically and the only way you can gain more damage is by raising the Hit Counts. Higher Hit Counts means More Damage (you can get it in Battle Arena Shop)
– Buddy Power Jewel for Felix because felix is light magic user that can heal and use power up buffs, pair felix with a buddy so buddy can use same magics. it’ll be even better if you put set felix as Rearguard
– Just hope she don’t use “Made in Heaven” and “Murderous Grudge” at the same time when you don’t have deff buff on, if she does… game over for you.
– Make sure you always have buffs on before it wears out, because when she use “Murderous Grudge” it inflict damage around 140.000-160.000 (all party member HP will be around 25% or less)
– Beware when her HP below 25%, there’s a chance she’ll use “Go to Sleep” that will kill instantly all your parties. so make sure you don’t forget to use Stella skill “Look over here!”
– If you inflict damage to her too much and her HP went down too fast the chance she use “Go to Sleep” become more higher and it can become 100% chance.
– When her HP around 5% use stella trust charge, in video i forgot to use it, use it to kill her before she use her ultimate skill, she’ll said “And…here it comes!” and if she got the turn to move after she said that… all your parties will definitely be KO
Well, i think that’s all and goodluck because you really gonna need it when you fight her.



  1. Things You've learn playing all Asdivine..

    1. Dont fck with Maidame Curie.. ever.

    2. Dont you ever Eat her Cakes in the fridge.

  2. However i only play games on easy mode and even on easy she can most likely still easily kill lv 999 party members all in 1 attack.


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