Asia's Next Top Model 6 All Eliminations


Official elimination order of the 6th season of Aia’s Next Top Model on Starworld. Who was the saddest for you? Also let me know in the comments what types of videos you would like to see from me!

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  1. 14-13. Lena and Hody (even tho I love Hody’s face and her fierceness, she didn't stand out in the challenge)
    12. Jesslyn
    11. Han
    10. Sharnie
    9. Vy
    8. Iko
    7. Rubini
    6. Adela
    5. Dana
    4-3. Pim or Mia
    2. Jach
    1. BEAUTY❤️

  2. Imagine if Beauty, Jachin and Rubini all landed out in the top 3. It would be an abomination! However, the show was biased so…

  3. This season was totally rigged ever since from the beginning. Eliminating Great models and giving chance to those who were not. Totally Biased.

  4. They know that jachin is the best one and have a chance to be next asntm 6 maybe that's the reason why they eleminate JACHIN❤

  5. This is an ASIA'S NEXT TOP MODEL and the top 3 girls don't look asian to me. Lol. I'm partly thai and Pinoy but I'm rooting for beauty when I watched this.

  6. This cycle definitely the worst and random cycle. Don’t understand the quality they looking for. Episode 1, three girls were sent home that so ridiculous!

    They wasted Iko, Jesslyn, Rubini in the beginning. Even I see the potential in Lena. Strong model Jach wasted as well.

    How can that tiny and cute Vy still there until top 6 defeat the strong look and potential model (she is lovable tho but not as model for me). The not-so-passionate Han also stay longer there.

    Beauty, the real asian look and most potential not even reach top 3 and be eliminated in (ridiculous) double elimination in top 5. Seriously this cycle might lack of funding so they sort the episode!
    And that’s why cycle 6 is the end of Asntm. Even I know Disney bought the Fox but the producer of Asntm do not give any clue of the upcoming cycle until now.
    Among the top 3, I guessed Dana will win if I see the pattern of Cindy Sirinya. Duh.

  7. They cut Jachin and Beauty because they are the one who is very obviously the strong one who can kick their Favorite one WORST SEASON EVER and now they dont have any update about the show maybe no one is Interested to sponsored this shit show


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