Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 2 Episode 11 Full


I dont own this video…. 🙂 Enjoy

Theme Photo shoot: Harper’s Bazaar

FCO – Katarina
Botto Two – Marie and Sheena
Eliminated – Marie



  1. Marie was one of my favorites I feel like she could’ve won this whole damn show she has a super unique look and great personality

  2. I can really feel the support of katarina to jodilly and vice versa. See on how katarina reacts when jodilly was so happy when she was told she can shout hahha… Theyre really kababayans

  3. Watching this again and still desparated with all the judges' choices so biased. Dont know why Sheena can beat Marie, Jody and Kat. Her emotion, creativity and willing are all worse, always crying. Sheena's good, but not that excellent.

  4. In my opinion Jodilyn was very powerful girl who she can always slay her photo she was always stunning and unique. I think she's deserving to win this season. Followed by Katarina both lovely.

  5. This screams “Racist…. “ which is VERY REAL IN ASIA. Marie had a story and it wasn’t even backed up. They knew what they were doing.

  6. Marie deserves soo much more.. oh i just realised Sheena is from malaysia and this show is hosted in Malaysia. Dont want to watch it anymore


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