Avast Free Anti-Virus 2014 expired 2095 install offline.


[important]!! If you have an Avast free antivirus 2014 version 9.0.2021 or 2015.10.0.2206 latest version install or a 30 days trial period ver. Uninstalled it first, then download the older version of avast 9 2014.
1. Disconnect the internet connection.
2.1 Install Avast Free Anti-Virus version 2014.9.0.2008 [Run as administrator on Win7]
2.2 A pop-up question will appear when installing old version offline. Click install old version [Not Recommended}
3. Open Avast,click Setting, click Registration, scroll down to offline registration,then click insert the license key.
4. Copy the license key avast till 2038 key C59249769E9900N1595-ENS7ULJH
5.Then it will be Registered at May 1 2094 and Expired at May 1 2095 almost 30 thousand days remaining.
6.To update Avast to version 2015.10.2.2218 Go back online & Click settings,then update, and on program click update.
7.On the new windows click on continue avast free. don’t click on avast internet security,
then again Avast Free antivirus 2015 till 2095? but still work for me, if not it will be 365 days left. Works on any windows..

Don’t download and install Avast free antivirus on their Websites that will link you to cnet.
Just download Avast 9 2014 any version not the latest version which is online installation.You can Google it, Torrent or 4shared site.or,



  1. can somebody help me i cant update the app after doing all. its just stuck on step 1/3 initializing, please wait..

  2. It worked great for me, i didn't have to go through all the steps, i just inserted the license key and registered offline on my current avast 2014, program version 2015.10.2.2218. Thanks tons man!!

  3. hey bro!!i downloaded 2014 version from torrent then after installing i used the key you provided it worked for me but it says registration done on 2094 and it will expire on 2038…  😮 what's your say….??

  4. good day sir?? can i have some bit favor? would you teach me where can i download that DLL Fixer for free, and licensed?? help me sir 🙁

  5. hey dude , i can't find Avast version 2014.9.0.2008 .. can u send me the link to download it ? pls, i need your help .

  6. Zo stelletje nerds ik wil ook even wat achterlaten
    Ik word strontflauw van dat achterlijke AVAST. Voor de zoveelste x loopt Google Chroom moeilijk te doen omdat Avast zijn hele batterij met promotie activiteiten er aan het door jassen is waardoor andere activiteiten niet normaal uitgevoerd kunnen worden op je computer. 

  7. Feel so Down and very Sad today…
    Because 2 of my videos are taken down by copyright infringement. So I also delete 3 more videos.Thanks for all the Likes and Appreciations to my effort to share a video here in youtube.

  8. Got a question. I've been using version 7 of avast registered to 2038. Still have more than 8000 days left. Would I lose them if I click on 'Update the program'? Want to be sure not to mess it up.


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