Avast Internet Security Review | Ransomware Test


I take a look at Avast Internet Security, its ransomware shield and ability to block malware. Is it worth upgrading from Avast Free Antivirus?


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  1. W.. why is there like.. 40 versions of it on my task manager? Why did my pc slow down once I downloaded it?
    I.. I’m scared. What if this isn’t as safe?
    Sure, it may work to get rid of the malware.. but why is there so many versions of it?

  2. i hate avast it is always runing in the back ground and i cant stop that and whan i try to stop it from windows task manager it say access denied and if i try to delete it it say the app is runing so i cant delete it and it doesn't show up in the settings so i cant delete it from there and whan i turn off the real time protection it steal 70%+ from my hard and when i turn it on it still take 70%+ from my hdd power and my hdd is slow so i had some problems playing ac origins and in the end of the day avast is the worst ante version i ever use in my live

  3. Дешевая раздача лицензий Avast Internet Security: 20 лицензий, которые будут выиграны
    с помощью @ 3ptechies

  4. Based on the technology that you itend to see there your assumptions of Avast are being quick made. I give you an exammple that Avast was the only anti virus programm that could defend against the Major 2.0 Ransomeware and Malwarebytes and Kaspersky let it through. There are some malwares that are not really identified by Avast but howerever even new Ransomeware is generally not a problem for Avast.
    The file had a combo of MD5 and MD1 hasing routines. If you enable hard aggressive mode, a better protection is generally given due to the fact that it does combine different hash alogrothms it has in its database. Since some software developers and malware hunters play around and break down hash codes to to get to the kernel and makde their analysis wiht d32bug it is often necessary to deactivate the harded aggresive mode. Routines in python or simple other coding seuquences might let Avast to block simple scripts.
    It does so when you do Assembler programming for example.
    Avast has protecion against Cryptominers and does also offer a bootable CD for encryption on their server. As with any anti-malware software Avast is notwithout flaws, like all the others too.

  5. Avast detected the first 3 ransomwares with behivior blocking and if you turn off file shield reputation sevices and cyber capture are also disabeld

  6. and by the way, windows defender ransomware protection sucks, do you remember that video where u executed a malicious code and it disabled Windows Security Center (WSC). Anyone can remotely execute that file on a system then hit it with ransomware…


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