avast! Mobile Security & Antivirus v3.0.7550 Premium Cracked Full Android Apk DOWNLOAD


avast! Mobile Security with free antivirus for Android secures against unwanted phishing, malware, spyware, and malicious viruses such as trojans… and even against loss or theft.

Secure your phone and tablet with our top-rated free mobile security app with both antivirus and anti-theft protection.

✔ Security tools like virus scanner, virus removal, cleaner and protect, network meter, app manager, app lock, and even firewall (on rooted phones) give you total control for staying clean.
✔ Protects against general infections and WiFi-based threats to OS and app vulnerabilities.
✔ Locate lost phones or tablets through our web-based phone locate feature.
✔ Remote lock and memory wipe features (just two of many in its advanced Anti-Theft component) keep your data safe from theft.

It’s totally FREE.

Recommended by leading Android authorities:
■ Android Authority: “The best antivirus just got better… nothing comes close.”
■ Android and Me: “The best anti-theft solution on the market.”
■ Android Police: “Anything you would want should your device get lost or stolen.”

Available in 20+ languages.


■ Antivirus Engine: Virus scanner scans installed apps, memory card content, and new apps automatically upon first use. Schedule automatic scans for when you sleep. Includes SMS/file scanning, for complete mobile protection, also against spyware and you remove viruses.

■ Privacy Report & Apps Manager: Get insights about installed apps and understand your apps’ access rights, intentions, and permissions.

■ SMS and Call Filter: Retain your privacy. Block numbers you don’t want to be able contact you.

■ Web Shield: Blocks malware infected links, as well as trojans, adware and spyware (for safe web browsing) and even USSD numbers (which have the ability to wipe your device memory). Also fixes mistyped URLs.

■ Network Meter: Measures incoming/outgoing data transfers.

■ Firewall (rooted devices only): Blocks hackers from getting in.

■ App Locking: Lock any two apps with a PIN/gesture (unlimited in Premium).

■ Backup: Allows backup of contacts, SMS/call logs, and photos (Premium version provides backup of music, video, and apps).


The best free mobile phone tracker on the market. If you’re thinking “How can I find my Android?” you can use its cell phone locator features to find it, control it remotely, and much more.

■ Control your Android remotely via a web-based interface or SMS (to later control your device remotely, go to:

■ Locate your phone on a map using GPS tracker.

■ Lock device, activate siren, or wipe memory to keep your private data safe.

■ Get notification of a SIM card change.


★ App Locking: Locks an unlimited number of apps.

★ Ad Detector: Detects ads and provides full details of their tracking systems.

★ Password Check: Automatically locks after 3 wrong attempts to unlock.

★ Geo-Fencing: Phone performs specified actions (e.g. lock, siren, send location) when outside of some set perimeter (e.g. you go to a cafe and enable it with a 500m perimeter, so if somebody steals your phone and takes it beyond this perimeter, it triggers your specified actions).

★ Remote SMS: Remotely send SMS from the phone.

★ Remote Data Recovery: Remotely retrieve data from the phone.

★ Remote Identification: Take picture of the thief when he/she tries to unlock it (use front or back camera, with face recognition). Record audio, with voice recognition.

★ Backup Features: Allows backup of video, audio, and apps (including settings and data for rooted phones, e.g. game progress).

★ Premium pricing (auto-renewal): $1.99 monthly, or $14.99 yearly.

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  1. Any paid app u hack can't be updated, like I have something I don't want to say because someone at anytime could stop it but I have no adds at all like everyone else on our favorite place to be ant watch our channels, that's your hint but no I can't ever ypdate it without having to uninstall this premium version of what we're on and I don't know how to use lucky patcher. I don't really know how I did it but I had 2 get this micro G apk first and I figured it out after I watch a couple of YouTube channels, then I went to my aptoide store and found a premium version of this, wasn't many but everyone was complaining about how it didn't work, they couldn't find the Mico G apk but I did in the XDA website. I downloaded it and then before I sign in. I went to settings and just pushed disable this app. Came back to YouTube and logged in and I couldn't believe it, I have it still today but I can't update it because it want let u. I figure I will stay with this for a while because I have everything I need and can watch and I don't have to watch adds. All a update does is change a little thing or 2 but I'm cool with what I have. I was just answering someone's question about can u ever update this, no u can't ever and I got to learn how to use lucky patcher because everyone says u can with that apk. If u know how to then yes u can and u probably wouldn't want to download apps like security because they update all the time. If u tried to update when it tells u to if u got the apk, it will just show a error and never let u, it does when ever it wants me to update YouTube but YouTube ant no security app. Just a waste of time to download this if they are not going to show u how to update it and plus u have 2 trust who's showing u how because I have had good dudes that really want to help u and somd just want to mess ur phone up. That's the gamble u take so like this because I look at the comments, I want use his way at getting it because people are saying it want work and he's not responsible enough to comment back and they wonder why they don't have many subs like the ones that really care about what they show u and they care about their reputation, that's why the big YouTube channels that show u how to do things like this will always have good comments and they always respond to your questions if they care, not one did he care about. I would move on till I seen the comments and u know if the YouTube channel is good because they always respond and care if someone says they are putting out BS. This one doesn't care in my opinion


  3. this download works alone if you phone is ROOTED ! is your phone not ROOT then will not work. more infor. HOW I ROOT MY SAMSUNG or ANDROID search on youtube. WARNING 1 MISTAKE IN THE ROOTING AND YOUR PHONE IS DEATH! thanks for upload and link AVAST ANTIVIRUS WORKING FINE WITH PREMIUM !

  4. this app wont work with definitions because sig mismatching with server best way is to patch with my patch from lucky patcher u will get premium and also you can update definitions 🙂

  5. En fait, pour pouvoir installer le crack du lien, il faut supprimer avast qui est déjà installé sur le téléphone ainsi que tous les autres modules tels que anti-theft et/ou backup sinon ça ne fonctionnera pas !


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