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Avast Premier Antivirus 2017 License Keys Till 2026

The CyberCapture feature is as intriguing as it is powerful, isolating suspicious files and using cloud based servers to identify threats and analyse them. According to Avast they deal with 10,000 threats a day and deal with half of them in less than five minutes.

As the Internet of Things grows bigger, it’s not just your PC you need to protect its your network as well. Avast has also unveiled a new feature, the Wi-fi inspector that scans for the vulnerable devices on your networks, and helps you address issues with step by step instructions.

The Password manager is also simple to use, setup and is incredibly reliable and strong. It also has a secondary feature that will alert you if any of your personal details start being shared around the internet.

Avast Premier also has a lot to offer the more advanced user. It should run seamlessly with other solutions from other companies, and will happily run in passive mode behind a competing product if a user wants it too. Avast highlight this themselves as a feature.

Gamers will like Gamer mode as Avast wont disrupt gaming time with notifications or start doing background scans in the middle of a multiplayer frag fest.

There’s also a host of features and essentials that make the purchase of Avast Premier anti-virus almost an essential purchase if you want to protect your PC, your network and your data. And as 400 million people already rely on Avast to help protect them, it’s a safe bet they know what they’re doing.

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