Avast vs Bitdefender 2016 | Free editions


Avast vs Bitdefender: Two Free antivirus products put to the test, side by side, against hundreds of malware samples.

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  1. Interesting! People have always told me that Bitdefender was much better than Avast, but this video totally proves otherwise.
    Is there a 2019 comparison for Bitdefender and Avast now? Maybe Bitdefender has gotten much better over the years?

  2. That y I don't like Bitdefender it need data 2 just do scan.
    ? What happens if u not in Wi-Fi or have data stick on u will Bitdefender work

  3. 0:34 i miss that Bitdefender free virus shield window part, the new design is more slick, but to show what the antivirus was looking at the moment was nice

  4. Can you please do an in-depth review of Avast new Secure Browser in Bank Mode to see if it really protects you? Online banking today needs to have a strong protection. Is Avast Secure Browser enough protection?


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