AVG vs Avast | AVG=Avast?


Ever since Avast acquired AVG they have been merging the products in terms of core technology. As of now, both Avast and AVG are still available on different websites as separate products, but are they?


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  1. Well it is the same but why Avast uses more CPU power than AVG on my machine? After installing Avast, my performance dropped rapidly but not when I installed AVG.

  2. I got the best antivirus from Secured.Kim in affordable price. The advanced protection system of this antivirus helps you pc or mobile (android, ios, etc) fight against cyber criminals, scammers to protect your personal and financial information.

  3. I used to use AVG but got rid of it because the nagware was too intrusive. I switched to Avast and do get occasional nags but not as many as AVG.

  4. Once when AVG quarantined my file & i couldn't find out how to restore it; AVG said they haven't coded the feature yet. Big turnoff, using Comodo Internet Security Premium now (it's freeware) but lacks Self-Defense Mechanism in the free version. Ty ! Avast is better but their anti-bootkit tool crashed my PC so…

  5. If ur watching this and seeing this comment…. Don't get avast… I've used it the past 2 weeks with a subscription and all I get is pop ups for more subscriptions… There are at least 4 or 5 and it keeps asking me to get more and more and more…. I've since canceled my subscription.. Don't make the same mistake as me, get AVG

  6. I have run Free AVG for years but wonder about not using a firewall. Defender always blocks Firefox and I can't seem to change that – nothing on the net seemed to work. I wondered if Avast had a firewall and if it worked with Firefox?

  7. Hey, Great video! I have a question regarding AVG. Each time I open a linux distro (kali) inside virtualbox I get a lot of these "ELF:GetShell-AU[Trj]" severity 1/3 (connection aborted – detected by webshield) . and at the end a EICAR virus test. I know eicar is ok, but what are the other things?

  8. Avast allows a custom install without all the garbage features unlike AVG. My experience is that Avast bugs the user less and is less likely to trick someone into "trying the premium version" and get stuck in a trial. I wouldn't install either on my personal computer but we include Avast on our installs at the computer shop where I work as it sits there, gives customers peace-of-mind and doesn't bother them.


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