Avid Studio & Pinnacle Studio 16 – Kill Bill Tutorial


This tutorial on the Kill Bill effect with Avid Studio and Pinnacle Studio 16 Ultimate shows you how to make a cool effect from the movie Kill Bill. It is easy to do once you have the knowledge of which tools to use.

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  1. Firstly: Nice video and I really enjoyed it, huge fan and you've helped a lot on some of my own projects Secondly: What is that music when it zooms in? Thirdly: I am having a problem hopefully you can help with. I recently broke my computer and whilst it was being fixed at the shop I filmed a couple of shorts with some friends now that the computer is fixed I could edit them and  re-downloaded Pinnacle 16 now for some reasons the title won't work it says "default title was not found in the installed content. Title editor can't be opened." I have not changed anything about the download and I am not sure where to go from here. I only want the DEFAULT title and would greatly appreciate the help. 🙂


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