AVS Video Converter Review – AVS Video Converter Tutorial and Demo


Trial: and SAVE 70% here: – Instantly 70% savings on AVS Video Converter. In this video review, I take you through AVS Video Converter showing you exactly how it works while I convert a video of a Disney trip.

If you want a easy way to convert your video files from your phone, computer, media device, camera, camcorder or whatever, this software will do it with ease and the best part is that even someone who has never used video converter will be able to use it. Basically, it only requires 3 clicks to convert a video.

The AVS Video Converter software will convert video to DVD, Blu-ray, just about any portable device and many more. You can also do basic audio and video additions and add menus.

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AVS Video Converter
AVS Video converter review
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  1. Do you know how to burn another copy after you have converted it? I need multiple copies of my blu ray. Thanks!

  2. I am one of these new people. Is it easy to convert you tube videos such as web m for dvd players or to burn in real player?

  3. Great Video,,, Great INFO… I been using AVS for about a
    year now… If I can make it work,,, anyone can make it

  4. Yes, it converts MOV's also. You can always download the trial to see how well it works for you.. there will be a watermark on the video with the trial version, but at least you will be able to see how well it works then you can decide if it's for you.

  5. I've owned this software for over 2 years. Haven't run into anything it couldn't handle. Currently using on a 4 core PC, but this software worked flawlessly (and slowly…) on my 1 core Atom powered netbook! No other conversion software would even think of running on an Atom, but AVS could!


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