Draggable Panel is an Android library created to build a draggable user interface similar to the new YouTube draggable video component based on Fragments or Views.

This Android library offers you two main classes to use and create your own awesome user interfaces. If you want to use it with fragments add DraggablePanel to your layout. If you want to use it with views use DraggableView and put your views inside.

This new component has been created using some concepts described on Flavien Laurent Blog and Denevell Blog.

To create this library I’ve used an Android component called ViewDragHelper and ViewDragHelper.Calback. This component doesn’t have too much documentation and that’s the reason why I’ve added some javadoc to my code in order to clarify the component usage.

This library works on Android 4.X or higher versions but not in lower versions because the scale effect is not going to work properly when the user try to drag the view. The clickable zone on a scaled view in Android 2.X is bigger than the real scaled zone.


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