Baby Driver | Last Fight Scene


Baby Driver | Last Fight Scene – Unseen Movie Clips
I do not own or take credit for the clip used in this scene

I watched the full movie online here 😀 –



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  2. Looks like baby just took out the trash…😂 love how powerful that Blazer k5 is. Its the best seeing baby just slamb the gas and that doge charger had like no power aginset him. Thats why old metal vehicles will always be made better then today cheap plastic cars that get all messed up buy a small tap by another car. That's why if people are smart they wont mess with who's driving a older antique vehicle or thay have to deal with the power of a antique.
    We hit a guy at 65 in a 1994 ford f150 because he stopped on a off ramp deliberately to get Insurance money off of us they pull scams like that asshole people. Well he messed with the the wrong truck his car the hole back was demolished his car got pushed across the highway in to the field his car was a rental and it was totaled. Are truck all it needs is a new Chrome frunt bumper witch is only around $100 thats it. This is just to teach people with new cars that there not worth the money they are always getting something fixed on them old cars no its just a oil change or something small learn from this you will save yourself a life time of money that in people love old cars when they see them you get a lot of attention.

  3. Movie is totally absurd,baby couldn't start the engine twice and that's why they got in trouble,but he didn't change the car and in this scene he could just run away when buddy was unconscious after the crash.

  4. "When he sees red, you'll see nothing but black"

    That red light is all over buddy's face showing his rage to make baby suffer

  5. A couple days after I showed my family this movie, my brother told me that he was falling asleep before the movie started, but figured he'd try to stay awake as long as possible to be nice. By this action scene, he was wide awake, and when Buddy fired the gun next to Baby's ears, my brother told me his heart almost stopped because he was so scared that Baby would go deaf.


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