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From the original Baby Shark to fun and exciting Sing Along series, we’re here with a 120 minutes long compilation filled with nothing but your favorite Baby Shark songs!

You are watching “Baby Shark Medley”, a fun compilation of Baby Shark series!


1 Baby Shark Dance Remix
2 Baby Shark Dance
3 Original Baby Shark
4 Baby Shark 3D
5 Clay Baby Shark
6 Faster Version of Baby Shark
7 Baby Shark in Korean Traditional Music
8 Halloween Sharks
9 Christmas Sharks
10 Valentines Sharks
11 Be Happy with Baby Shark
12 Origami Baby Shark
13 Baby Shock! – EDM Version of Baby Shark
14 Dance in Baby Shark Costume
15 Baby Shark in Dino Costume
16 T-Rex Sharks
17 Baby Shark Dance – Puppet Version
18 Baby Shark Dance Dance
19 Pirate Baby Shark
20 Orchestra Sharks
21 Baby Shark Dream Light
22 Baby Shark Cube Cube
23 Shark Finger Family
24 Police Sharks
25 The Shark Band
26 Do-Re-Mi, Sharks
27 The Shark Family
28 Where Is Daddy Shark?
29 Baby Shark on the Bus
30 Baby Shark’s Birthday
31 Hot Clams Buns
32 Colors in the Sea
33 Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Shark
34 Shark Orchestra Concert
35 Shark ABC
36 Shapes in the Sea
37 Sharky Pokey
38 Shark 123
39 Move Like the Baby Shark
40 S-H-A-R-K
41 Baby Shark Jobs
42 This Old Shark
43 Shark Dance Party
44 Wedding in the Sea
45 Baby Shark Teeth
46 Sharks Picnic
47 Adventure Shark
48 If Sharks Are Happy

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