Big piece this week, and I thought I’d take the opportunity to talk a little about how I approach backgrounds! I basically go over the 3 main tips that I always keep in mind when I start painting backgrounds ^u^

Character in this piece belongs to the awesome, Verlidaine!



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Tools Used

I used a free digital art program called Medibang Paint Pro to do most of the drawing, and then exported the file to Photoshop CC to make the final colour adjustments. If you’re ever on the look out for a really awesome and easy to use digital art program I really highly recommend Medibang! It features a ton of awesome brushes and supports a lot of the basic features that digital artists need *u* I’ll have a link down below to their website!

Medibang Paint Pro:
Photoshop CC:
Recording software:
Wacom Mobile Studio Pro:



How long did this take?
It varies! If it’s a five minute long video, then between 3 to 4 hours. If its between 7-10 minutes, it was probably a bigger piece which can take anywhere between 10-15 hours.

Where did you get that fur textured brush?

Where did you get the flat brush?
That one’s from the Medibang cloud (click the little cloud shaped button with the arrow at the bottom of box with the list of brushes). There you will find all the additional brushes made by Medibang – plenty of gems to download and test out.

Where did you get all these brushes and textures from?
They’re from a mix of stuff! Some of them are made by other artists and you can easily find them just by typing in ‘medibang brushes’ or ‘firealpaca brushes’ into Google. Some are brushes that I made myself. Some are actually Photoshop brushes! You can import most Photoshop brushes into Medibang by downloading an ABR Viewer. Since most Photoshop brushes are in the .abr format, you can use the program to view all of them and convert them into .png files. Once you’ve done that just click and drag the brush image into the Medibang brush list and you’ll have a new brush to play with!

You can find most of the brushes I have just by doing a Google search. Please give this a try before asking me for specific brushes! I really don’t have the time to answer all the questions I get 🙂



  1. I’m thinking for starters, just sketch out the landscape and then paint over it in black and white color then later go over it with color?

  2. But really… Clockbirds is very talented.
    I cannot choose the correct colour and when i paint it feels wrong. In my mind it's all crystal clear but while i pick the color, it just… fades. I cant choose the right color. I really need help on how you choose the right colors correctly.

  3. You are soo insanely good!!! All the while you were painting this I was just in awe. This one piece of art shows how many things/techniques you have mastered. On top of that drawing something like this without reference, even more amazing!

  4. Now I do have OCD and I know it bothers no one except me, but (.-.) get rid if that task bar! For the love of all that is good and holy, just right click go to task bar settings and click the hide task bar. Nice video though!

  5. Really love the rough brush it looks so useful! Did you make it or did you download it? i don't know how to make brushes and Im a beginner hehe. Also i love your art keep it up! <33

  6. I’ve been looking for how to make the background a bit faded to get the final art piece like you did in the beginning of the video cause I can’t figure it out. So maybe that would be helpful if you can explain how to do that?

  7. Damn, i fricken love painting style art but its a really long and tedious process and i dont think i could ever learn that from my low attention span

  8. Title: background tips for beginners-

    Me: beginners?
    Lets have a look, maybe it will help me with the ske-

    Watches video

    Me: oh boy. Guess I'm not a beginner, I'm an absolute noob.

  9. Thanks for the tips! I have recently began some project with mountains ext and had some trouble doing it.
    The video helped me a lot!~

  10. I'll try, the colors is so hard for me but thanks to you that i realized my mistakes! It motivated me to draw backgrounds thanks

  11. idk why, but I've always been good on paper, and have been practicing digital art for nearly two years now and still can't get the hang of it. Thanks for these tips.

  12. Drawing Backgrounds looks so easy when you do it… damn. When I try draw a tree or a rock, it looks like a drawing of a 10 year old xD

  13. Tip for PS users who feel unsure about what colours they should use for their background images;
    Take your reference and put it in PS > Filter > Dust and Scratches > Adjust / or Crystallize.
    It's not something I recommend always using (it depends on what type of artistic work you're aiming for) but it gives you a good starting point in understanding what colours a rock consists of for example.


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