Backup and Restore Wizard in Windows XP


How to use the backup and restore wizard in Windows XP. Backup on e file, folder, or a whole drive.



  1. computerbwsics.. can you help me.for windows xp to install completely or properly installing audio driver.. i have a problem in the audio driver i have already installed (viny Ac'97 Codec Combo Driever(WDM),But its no sound.. and i am installing a (Realtek Ac'97 Audio Driver) the problem is when i am install that my screen showing a BLUR SCREEN PLEASE HELPING ME FOR THIS..

  2. Thanks for sharing this video here. It's truly helpful. I really appreciate your work. Some useful information can also be found here –

  3. I backed up windows XP.   My Floppy doesn't work in (A:).  How can I use my portable floppy in (B:) to get the finishing info?

  4. People who cannot speak clear English should not be making How To videos – because they are too difficult to understand!

  5. Bullshit troll video from a fanboy paid misandry shill by ms. M$ backup and restore does not working if shadow service or shadow copy is corrupted and you can NOT restore the windows installation if that installation aren't able to boot.

  6. If you can't find your backup and recovery creator… Go to start, search, change the file type to search for to "application" and search for BackupSetup and install that. For some reason mine was never installed in the 8 years Ive had my old ass computer.

  7. One of the few videos that also shows how to restore.  Would like to have seen how to back up settings (e.g. bookmarks, and if Outlook used, that the email is also backed-up)

  8. Great video but all the winxp backup videos I have watched have 'backup' in the system tools. I don't have it anywhere 🙁

    Can it be downloaded from Microsoft?


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