Backup Outlook 2016 to .pst File


Let’s Backup our Entire Outlook 2016 Email, Contacts and Calendar Appointments to .PST file for Archive or Recovery Later.

– In Outlook Choose File
– Select Open & Export
– Then Select Import/Export
– In the Import and Export Wizard choose “Export to a File and Click Next
– In Create a file of type select “Outlook Data File (.pst)” and click Next
– Choose the very top “Outlook Data File” Above “Inbox” to select everything in Outlook including your Email Folders, Contacts and Calendar Appointments and ensure the “Include sub folders” is checked before clicking Next
– Now, browse a location on your Hard Drive, since I have the Google Drive Sync Utility, I will save it in there for safekeeping.
Give you backup a name, I’m just keeping as backup for now, and click ok, then Finish
– I don’t want to password protect the Data File so I click Ok

Now you can share your .pst file with your Administrator or SaskTech Client Success Manager to Restore the data into your Google Apps for Work Account; Or watch the Next Video on how we will use the Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Outlook (GAMMO) Tool to do this.



  1. Hello everyone! Is there anyway to make outkook store every mail in a separate archive? in my company there's a backup software wich backsup our pcs if it finds any difference with what it previously had, and everytime it reads the outkook files, and I've received even just one mail since yesterday, it backs up all the whole file again, since it is storaged in one large archive. I've heard that thunderbird for example stores mails separately (that way, the software would only back up those few kb of those mails and NOT the whole thing), is there anyhow to make Outlook do that? please help. The constant back up is driving me nuts. thanks!

  2. thank you for this video
    can you also explain how i can have this updated automatic, plus i use Goodsync to back up my files to Dropbox but im trying to figure it out to have outlook to do the same.


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