Backup/Restore Microsoft Office 2010 Activation


Don’t you just hate it when something goes wrong with your computer and your left with only one option–to do a clean reinstall. Oh boy! Now you have to reactivate many of your Microsoft products including Microsoft’s Office 2010. But wait, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. What if you could backup your Office 2010 activation status? Luckily, you can. This tutorial will show in full detail how to backup and restore your Microsoft Office 2010 activation status.

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  1. So my pc isnt running good ant wont update nwe i want to reinstall windows and after that i can install microsoft office again and put the activation key in?

  2. I followed the steps and saved my OfficeSoftwareProtectionPlatform onto a thumb drive. Now I've reset my computer but I can re-download office 2010 from the internet without a product key. How can I redownload office?

  3. Fascinating video! Yours is the best one I've ever seen!!! 😀
    Now all I need you to help me with is to reload my MS Office Picture Manager program that came with my preinstalled MS Office 2010. I use that program all the time but since replacing my hard drive due to the original one crashing, it won't reload! If you have a video on that, I'd very much appreciate viewing it. Thanks!

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  6. I wished i had seen this video before i upgraded from W7 to W10, because even though i 'backed-up' my Office 2010 to a CD-R, i have not been able to restore them to same PC. Any great How-To advice on re-downloading my Office 2010 from my old windows 7 file?
    Great video.

  7. i can using the windows vista to open the services also how to work and open the files? Please comment for me when I was in high school

  8. I've followed the backup steps. Now I have reinstalled windows on my laptop. When I execute the office 2010 installation file, it prompts for the activation key. I have copied the ProgramData file in place. I do not have a windows protection service listed in services.

    So the issue I'm having is that your instructions say to make sure you have Office 2010 installed prior to copying the backed up ProgramData folder in place but I am unable to install Office 2010 because is prompting me for the activation key.

    I was under the impression that the key was not needed because I would be copying the backed up ProgramData files in place instead.

    Any advice please?

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