Bad Baby Doll – Arizona Circle Sketch


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“Blainebelle” – Ed and Lorraine Warren investigate reports of a dangerous paranormal artifact.

Rooster Teeth and Funhaus have teamed up to bring you the most wildly funny, irreverent, and occasionally inappropriate sketch comedy show of the century.

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  1. Props to all of them for the sketches.
    However, tip for the makeup department:
    Make the skin/face of people playing old men/women more dry and wrinkled.
    I have never seen an old man with such young and vital skin (Bruce). Kinda takes you out of the moment.

  2. Rooster Teeth has given you guys the budget for great production value. Please keep releasing these shorts cos no way can afford the full subscription.

  3. I just got my own sex doll the morning i watched this, quoted every word Bruce said at the end. My wife is not happy. Im in trouble now I cant use the damn thing. I gotta sleep on the couch


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