Basic Badminton for Beginners.


1. Proper Rocket Crip in Badminton. 00:34
2. Badminton Swing for Beginners. 02:46
3. Basic Footwork for Badminton Beginners. 06:06
4. Sort Serve in Badminton. 11:34
5. Long Serve in Badminton. 13:49



  1. i once play badminton when i was in junior high, but during the WARM UP and the game hasn't been started, i slipped and my right knee bleed. OMG since then, i don't want to play badminton anymore.

  2. I used to play badminton a lot when I was 9. I'm gonna be 17 and Idk how to play anymore, I feel like I'm gonna break my wrist tomorrow lols.

  3. badminton try outs are next week and i know nothing about badminton. i don’t even own a racket. i’m super out of shape but the sport seems interesting, let’s see what happens

  4. We have a sports competition and I joined the badminton but I have no idea what to do cuz I thought they will teach me but not 😢 so thx for the video this really helps me

  5. I’m a 100% total beginner at this, I played it in school about 20 years ago but nothing serious. My Mrs wants to start this, so ordered the rackets and shuttlecocks, will be taking this up soon as they arrive. Since I suggested it, got loads of family and friends who want to start it Aswel.
    as I am a total beginner I don’t understand the rules and techniques so educating myself:) don’t want to show myself up

  6. Badminton in PE tomorrow, though I doubt we’ll be playing – we’ll be learning these with no shuttlecock I think so I figured I should get a head start. Then I’ll at least know some of it in theory.

  7. My teacher actually wrote my name in the badminton players list for our school competition even though she knows that I can't play any sports, that's why I'm here to learn the basics hehe

  8. Well, I’m watching this because I really wanna start playing badminton lol. If our school ever happen to host an inter-school contest, I’ll be ready to participate

  9. bruh good vid my sister learned from it cuz she cannot hold the racket properly even i am a varsity player she dont even care if i am teaching her

  10. I’m really good at overhand, but my teacher told me I can’t do that…I don’t know how to serve it underhand, that’s so hard for me, my arm just always keep straight af!


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