Best Android Launchers (2020)


Reviewing the best Android Launchers that you can download for free or a small fee in 2020. From classics like Nova to highly customisable apps such as Lawnchair v2, Hyperion and Smart Launcher 5, plus fan favourites for Microsoft/Windows lovers, there’s something here for everyone. Best of all, they’re easy to install – no need to root, just grab them from Google Play and they’re good to go.

One of the greatest options is still undoubtedly Nova Launcher, which even now offers strong customisation without messing with the overall look and feel. Alternatively, if you’re a fan of that stock Android design but you’d like a deeper customisation experience, then check out Hyperion. You’ll get a very similar vibe from the slightly boringly titled Customised Pixel Launcher. And I also enjoy using the Lawnchair Launcher v2, which again offers a clean, stock Android UI with plenty of gesture control and a handy at-a-glance widget.

If you want something completely different to really warp your Android experience, have a gander at Action Launcher. Fans of Windows will appreciate the custom configurations of Microsoft Launcher, although this isn’t a Windows Phone alternative sadly. To declutter your desktops, Niagara Launcher is still one of the greatest choices out there. And another app that totally transforms that Android experience is Smart Launcher 5, with a clever and unique range of options plus its own original layout.

One of the best things about Android has always been the way you can set it up exactly how you like, and the easiest way to get greater customisation is by adding a new launcher. In 2020, you have a strong selection to choose from and these are my favourites. But what are your own picks for the best right now? Share your setup and I’ll feature the pick of the bunch in next week’s round up.


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  1. I honestly don't know why launcher showcase videos are still made. They're always pretty much the same thing (same design, same options, same features, etc) with a different name. There are a handful that are actually different in design but it's always these boring clones that are the ones peoplewwaste time making videos on, just like the people who waste their time recreating the same damn launcher that's already been made. Any chance we can move on already?

  2. Thanks , Niagara Laucher is very cool and awesome. Plus it reminds me of Niagara Falls, were I visited many yrs ago with a female friend, we had some good nights there. 😉👍

  3. Been using TSF launcher for years now. Keep coming back to it as it provides great eye candy with its customisation, gestures, shortcuts, sidebar shortcut folders and screen transitions etc. Looking for something similar as its no longer supported and starting to show a few bugs. Any recommendations as im not a big fan of stock-ish type launchers.

  4. I just moved over from IOS. the thing I'm missing the most is the lock screen notifications.. is there any way to get this on my android??

  5. Niagara launcher is really good. Finally a launcher that changes the dated android look and feel. Also good alternative to sadly abandoned Z Launcher from Nokia.

  6. I've been using trash launcher for years, so good to download it when I buy a new phone, the fucking skin is good guy. It will broke your phone.

  7. Man I love when U always say, "That type of SHENANIGANS" U are so funny, and I love your android vids, so thanks, and keep up the good vids !

  8. I've been using Smart Launcher for many years, and while it took me a while to migrate to SL5 from the older version, it's now a lot more polished than it was at first.

    One thing I've found a bit funny is that in the old version I had to go into settings and enable "left handed mode" and in the newer SL5 I've had to rearrange the launcher pages and category bar to get the "left-handed mode" feel. The funny part? I'm right-handed. The default setup doesn't make sense. It's a lot less awkward to have the apps page and the category bar on the side nearest to your thumb instead of trying to reach across a large screen.

    Also, in the apps page, you can stack apps from the bottom up, that helps as well! 🙂

  9. Sadly my Huawei Mate 20 Pro with the latest EMUI 10.0.0 does not allow me to use the other launcher as my default home, I'm only able to use Nova prime, I really love to try out hyperion……

  10. 0:37 Nova Launcher
    1:17 hyperion
    2:06 Customised Pixel Launcher
    2:57 Lawnchair Launcher
    3:40 Action Launcher
    4:24 Microsoft Launcher
    5:08 Niagra Launcher
    5:59 Smart Launcher

  11. Let me recap every item on this list:

    "This launcher has so much customizability"

    Now you have all the info you would've gotten from this video


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