Best LIVE STREAM Software for PC / WINDOWS – Review!


Here’s our roundup of the BEST Live Stream Software for PC right now, including our pick for the TOP livestream software on Windows! (Find the best option for YouTube Live, Facebook live, Twitch… you name it!)

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► OBS Studio:
► StreamLabs OBS:
► Wirecast Studio:
► VMix:
► Zoom:
► BeLive:
► StreamYard:
► Lightstream Studio:

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► Android:
► iPhone:

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— Best LIVE STREAM Software for Windows PC – REVIEW! —

In this video we look at the best livestream software for PC in 2019, with a review of all the leading options and my pick for the BEST live stream software right now after testing them all out!

Whether you’re using your Windows PC to go live on Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Twitch, Periscope, or any other major platform – this video will help you decide the best livestream software for you.

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  1. Can I ask you for your advise. I am want to livestream my daughters softball games so college coaches can watch. what camera would you recommend? What live stream platform would be best? I am currently using a gopro5 hero via live4 to facebook live. the footage is not very clear and you can not do overlays. I hope you can help as I really enjoy your context you are sharing on youtube.

  2. This was perfect. I am a growing YouTuber and I'm going to start streaming soon, and it's really helpful thank you very much. Have a good day.

  3. Justin I almost never subscribe but I just did with you. This is a perfect review for my purposes. I'm going to try Lightstream – my first streaming software. Thank you so much!

  4. Do u have a video on streaming basics I have always streamed on PS4 and now im wanting to stream into pc and I need to now where to start overlays scenes and all that!!

  5. Great reviews – just wondering if these or any others have the ability to add metadata to create automated "coming up next" or "at 7pm watch …" Etc? Particularly for 24/7 programming?

  6. Wow this is such a great changing share. As for me that has seminars and studies streaming.. This is such a fantastic opportunity to know. Thanks for sharing. can we make friends?

  7. Justin, you are the best. What a thorough and revelation filled review on this topic………current………..thanks so much.

  8. Take a look at the software the Youtube channel “Wrestling Inc” uses to host 3-4 way convos, with some simple features. Anybody know what they are using? Look at their after tv show streams. Thoughts?

  9. why do we need live streaming software? youtube gives the option and should have it all ready to go. Ive live streamed before but couldnt get it working tonight..and facebook does it with ease..

  10. Justin, your videos are great. I am trying to find one that works well with my DSLR camera and Elgato Cam Link. I do alot of presentations and cannot get it to work well with Camtasia Studio (which I know is not streaming software). Elgato only has OBS on your list as far as recommended software. The other one on their list is: Xsplit. Where would this land on your list? Thanks.


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