Best Travel Guide for Solo Backpacking Southeast Asia


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  1. Yes, we Filipinos are friendly and hospitable people, we welcome foreigner as a guest. And we love to exchange stories and ideas.. Never trust media about the bad issue about Asia.. Even locals at our country is very kind to strangers.. But some scammers are still there, and around the world…

  2. Another tip: Pack light!…especially in SEA…t shirts etc. you can buy there. Pack everything you can easily fit in a 40-50 liter rucksack/backpack, and leave some room – anything more than that is just not needed.

  3. This is super helpful! I’m from Australia and 19 years old planning to head to South East Asia in September on my own. Loved what you had to say about humanity and safety 🙏🏻

  4. I am having the fear that its hard to find people there. Should I stay much at the hostels to meet new people? Im traveling alone, but I dont want to be alone all the time, I prefer enjoying time with other people. But im not that extrovert…

  5. I have been solo travelling for a few years and I would suggest these few tips. Do research on your destination before you arrive -currency, phone, weather. Don't impulse buy -always find better deals again. Travel light as possible – biggest mistake is carrying too much stuff.

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  6. Hey do you think its enough to travel south east asia with about 4000 dollars in total for about 2 months? Will try to live as economically as possible and spend minimum money!

  7. Hey Dude awesome vlog and great tips love the fact that you big on going with the flow and not supporting animal abuse that’s awesome. Just a quick question I want to do Myanmar,Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand and possibly Sri Lanka would you say 5 months is long enough for this basic travel itinerary. Thanks for the advice am super pumped for this next trip got three me the in Nepal and India my second time to both countries love them they are epic but now really excited about south east Asia keep it real and take care 💪🙏

  8. Loved this video mate… by far the most helpful south east Asia video I’ve watched. Is there a route through south east Asia that you would advise I took ? (Ending in Australia, to work, to earn money back, would be amazing as well). I have a budget of around £ 5-6k so I’d probs be pushed for around 6 months travel, unless I can earn some money in SEA or Australia. Cheers dude 🙂

  9. I'm 22, have 6k for this trip, and have never been out of the country. I just got my passport should be coming in the mail by the end of the month and plan to leave for Vietnam solo at the end of May for 2 months, I have a broad idea of where I want to go around SE Asia which I'm not too worried about. Honestly I'm scared and super excited, I'm a pretty shy person and I think that's why I'm worried but I'm not going to let that stop me from exploring the world, I keep reading and hearing how easy it is to meet and talk to people out there so I really shouldn't be worried. You covered a lot in this video and others, is there any other tips you might be able to give a person in my situation for their first time out of the country and first time backpacking solo, etc?

  10. Hi Ryan you Video is very nice . you know now next 2 week i will go to semeru because you Video haha thank you man you video explain me for everything that i need to know
    i am Bill i from Thailand i don't know you ever come to my county or not . But if you have plan come in future please Give Honor to me bring you travel in Thailand . I will take you for safety and local travel i not agency travel . I like you because you like my asian culture you like us
    Thank you man. i will see all you video i promise . i think i see you go snow mountain that is ABC in Nepal ? . i will see it i have to go end of this year
    see you in Thailand men.

  11. Dude I just love your enthusiasm and energy! I am trying to save up enough for travelling in my country for an extended period and you're such an inspiration!
    Love from India!

  12. this was a great video to watch – really positive, and sometimes its just helpful to hear the things you had to say out loud! thanks 🙂


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