Building a Home Server for Backups and Ripping Blu-Rays


Read more about Will’s Home Server build here:

For the past few months, Will has been researching a build for a new home server for personal backups and media streaming. In addition to housing terrabytes of data, the server Will ended up building also doubles as an efficient DVD and Blu-ray ripping machine, automating heavy transcoding tasks. We discuss the build and give software and hardware recommendations for anyone looking to build their own!

Read more about the transcoding setup here:



  1. Started to watch this and thought the part choices were weird, then realised it was an almost 5yr old video. Thanks for recommending this youtube…

  2. yak yak yak, are you showing us how to build a server or talking about building a server. Cause all you did was talk talk talk. Now i know how to build a talk show.

  3. I am a Mac user and I backup to ab external 6TB HDD. My husband uses a Windows machine. I am quite capable of building a server and I have a spare windows PC to do it with.

  4. What is the building list? What about the additional videos for the transcoding? Was very informative but no parts list How about the Linxcs set up? I need one bad.Thank You

  5. Not worth it. It is a large investment in time not only to rip but also if you compress the rips. Then you need lots of hard drive space to store it all and have to spend more money when the drives eventually fail. Plus the added energy costs of constantly having your own home server farm running 24/7. It is easier for me to just put the disc in my Xbox One and watch it. If I want to watch on the go on my phone or laptop, I can use a few programs to compress a rip inside of an hour then delete it when I'm done.

  6. What is the computer case in the left? If I am correct, it looks like a Corsair case. I want a computer case with front USB ports and plain side panel (no window or tempered glass).

  7. It's not a copyright infringement unless you show it in its entirety without any commentary and without anything else on the screen, or if you claim it as your own for profit. Get educated. At VERY least don't give a reason why you're not going to play it, because that's just ridiculous. It's called "Fair Use" you're not profiting off of it, and you're not showing it in its entirety.

  8. I wanna make a nas that has a built in blu ray drive that will automatically rip any disc i put into it someone help, Facebook – Fraserk9

  9. 5:19 "If you build a server on linux, u use built in hardware raid, the raid on your motherboard. Then if you need to switch motherboard you might have problem with that". Sir you don't know what you are talking about! You should be banned from youtube for spreading misinformation. So, if I build a RAID using mdadm or (even better) I use a ZFS raid, am I tied to my motherboard? ZFS doesn't need old school RAID controllers. Just the motherboard's sata ports, or HBA if you need more disks. mdadm raid arrays and ZFS raid arrays are completely transferable to any any hardware you like.

  10. This is very unnecessary, get an external hard-drive, plug it in and make a system image with Windows 10, then unplug it, game over…

  11. Could we get an updated version of this segment to current tech and what is needed to rip 4k UHD HDR Blurays, completely uncompressed and full audio.


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