Call Of Duty WARZONE: 12 Settings That You NEED To Be Using! (Best Settings)


Here’s 12 settings you need to be using in Call of Duty WARZONE!
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In this video, we’re breaking down the BEST SETTINGS to use in Call Of Duty WARZONE! Warzone is the brand new Call Of Duty Battle Royale within Modern Warfare thats Free to Play on all platforms. So whether you’re on PC, Xbox, or PS4, Warzone is available right now and these are the best settings to use! These settings will have your game looking the best, feeling the best, and overall these will improve your COD Warzone experience a ton!

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  1. WARZONE is here! Not gonna lie, from my first few matches, I'm really enjoying it! What do you all think? Thanks for watching 😀

  2. So…whenever I use a scope that isnt iron sight or an optical sight like a red dot in the warzone, its either all black, or all white…does anyone know why?

  3. 2 min 15 sec of promoting/selling and demanding I sub/like/kiss your channels ass before you started the information. toxic

  4. how to change language?? i instaled this in portuguese Portugal but game voices are in brasilian and their are horrible in translation i cant support it…nobody portuguese can so how to change without uninstal the game?


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