Change Background in Messages Samsung Note 8 | Customize Your Text Messages Background!


Have you ever thought to change the background in messages on your Samsung Note 8 Android smartphone? This video will teach you how you can customize your text messages background and set a cool background on your own wish.

Default text messages background seems boring to you. So, now change the background color and set it in the background and alongside, you also can set the captured picture in the background of your built-in text message window.

Get here the best 6 Steps to change text message background on Samsung Galaxy Note 8

• 1st Step: Open ‘Messages’
• 2nd Step: Tap on the 3 dot icon on the Top right corner
• 3rd Step: Select ‘Settings’
• 4th Step: Tap on ‘Background’
• 5th Step: Now select the background you want
• 6th Step: You can also choose a picture from your photos as the background

Now whenever you compose a message, your chosen background will appear.

This is how you can change your Text Conversations background and make it more fun.

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  1. After the Android Pie update, Samsung has removed the Built-in feature to change Massage Background, so now you have install an app from the Play Store to change the Background of Massages. We have made an video about it. Here is the link for it

  2. Yea they just removed this feature, why idk but it was fine the way it was …I did not what this update

    Can't change my text background😒


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