Change Lock Screen Background – Windows 8.1 Tutorial


In this Windows 8.1 tutorial I demonstrate how to change your lock screen ( lockscreen ) background image in Windows 8.1.

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  1. I am able to get to this setting. But the image will not load in settings and not allowing me to change my lock background

  2. i need ur help can u please help me out i just want to remove my own pick which i have uploaded on lock screen background i want to delete it can u suggest me what i have to do if i want to delete it

  3. i had the original lock screen and i changed it to the lock screen that i want . but everytime i on my laptop it will show me the old lock screen then only it will display the new lock screen. please help me

  4. I have an issue that I have been unable to fix for a long time. I changed the lock screen to a personal custom photo and now I cannot change it to something else. I keep going to the pc settings and setting it to something else and in the end it never changes. Do you know how to fix this?

  5. Bravo! Far easier than the video that had me digging around in SYS (C:) to delete the lock screen photo….etc etc etc….whew wipes forehead. Well done.


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