Create a Full System Image Backup on Windows 10 [How-To]


How to Make a System Image Backup of Your Windows 10 Install
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In this video, I’ll be showing you how to create a full system image backup of your Windows 10 installation. Unlike the automated Restore Point feature, a system image captures a snapshot of your entire Windows install, including app settings and data, so you’ll be able to recover from any critical system failure.

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  1. For more information check this now

  2. Your menus do match Windows 100 2018 fully update home version 64 bit. I wanted to follow your video but cannot.

  3. Hi, I have a question.

    1. If I am backing up the data to an external HDD, does that HDD have to be blank or is it OK to have other data on it?

    I don't wanna get into a position where I end up losing data already on the external HDD because Win10 formats the HDD before System Backup.

    2. Is it OK for the external HDD to be connected through a USB hub or does it have to be connected directly to the laptop/desktop's USB port?

  4. Do you recommend making the repair disk? What is the downside of not making one? Is the system repair disk unique to the PC used to create it? That is, if I created one for my laptop with Win 10, and I use it for my Win 10 PC? Or does it hold drivers, etc. that would work on the laptop but not the PC. Thanks!

  5. I had a very important question. If I do a back up of the system image, then will it also backup all drivers and files? Thank you for your time, and great video

  6. Thanks so much man your a very smart computer wiz! I was in those files just making sure I could store it on a hard drive or a cd/DVD

  7. So if I do this that means that my whole PC will be backed up including al the files and folders right? Because right now I want to dual boot my PC, but there isn't enough space. That is why I'm backing it up. I want to make sure that literally EVERYTHING on my PC will be backed up.

  8. so doing this means i can factory reset my pc then load from the external drive to say install the recovery on to a separate drive and start fresh but keep windows 10 as i only have a windows 8.1 disc but either way it will work? basically i want to delete every file on my pc to start fresh but i want to move windows 10 to a bigger ssd so doing this system image will allow me to do this? remember i dont have a windows 10 disc just 8.1

  9. Why the hell do I need some windows disc to restore my computer to the backup i created? That is so weird. Anyone else knows a way to do it normally. I do not have any windows disc shit.

  10. the video says that at the end of imaging windows offers to create a system restore disc and says it is not necessary to do this. This is not true. It is vital to restoring the image that you have a way of booting your system when you have a trashed hard drive – the system restore disk (cd or dvd) boots and then offers option to install windows from image and then searches for image, reformats system drive and then reimages windows on to your syste drive – the rest of the video is accurate, BUT WORTHLESS IF YOU HAVE NO WAY TO BOOT THE DAMN THING – MAKE A SYSTEM RESTORE DISK


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