Despite Death Threats, Glenn Greenwald Speaks Out About Exposing Large Corruption Scandal in Brazil


A political crisis in Brazil is growing in the wake of The Intercept’s investigation into a judge who likely aided federal prosecutors in their corruption case against former Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. The Bolsonaro administration announced Monday that Brazilian Justice Minister Sérgio Moro has been granted a leave of absence from July 15-19 to “deal with personal matters.”

Leaked cellphone messages among Brazilian law enforcement officials and other data obtained by The Intercept point to an ongoing collaboration between then-Judge Sérgio Moro and the prosecutors investigating a sweeping corruption scandal known as Operation Car Wash. Lula was considered a favorite in the lead-up to the 2018 presidential election until he was put in jail and forced out of the race on what many say were trumped-up corruption charges.

The leaked documents also reveal prosecutors had serious doubts about Lula’s guilt. The jailing of Lula helped pave the way for the election of the far-right former military officer Jair Bolsonaro, who then named Judge Sérgio Moro to be his justice minister. The news of Moro’s leave of absence comes amid increased calls for him to step down after new revelations of Moro’s questionable role in Operation Car Wash were published in Brazil’s leading conservative magazine, Veja, in partnership with The Intercept.

We speak with Glenn Greenwald, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and one of the founding editors of The Intercept. Greenwald has faced death threats and a possible government investigation due to his reporting on the scandal.


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  1. From Brazil; Glenn us Hero, let's go Mister Glenn thank u👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  2. This Gleen is a joke! Used stolen fake information from Brazilian and Russian hackers to interfere in the process of corruption that put the ex Brazilian president Luis Inácio Lula da Silva in prison, and now that all hackers got arrested, this so called “journalist” is quite and scared cause he may be facing some real jail time if proven that he paid for those stolen text messages from high raking Brazilian authorities. This guy is a criminal and not a jornalist, and let’s not forget! His Brazilian husband who is congressman is under investigation for a 2.5milons reais in a corruption scandal.

  3. 4:20 You can tell Glenn's spent time in Brazil talking to the people there by the way he pronounces Lava Jato ;).

  4. Glenn hired a hacker, paid R$100K tried to sell the information for the Worker's Party (Lula party). As the information contained no crime and was "weak" in terms of compromising the investigation of the Former President Condemned by 12 judges in 4 instances including the Superior Federal Tribunal (the majority of the judges is indicated by the Former President). Who accused os more 7 different crimes

    As he didn't sell the information he edits the messages. He adds people in the conversation that by the time the messages were sent didn't even work there.

    He exposed to the media messages and refused to hand the original messages for the specialist to analyze and validate the integrity of the messages.

  5. We Brazilians believe in Judge Sérgio Moro. This Glenn is a bum defender of corrupt, his luck is that we have in the judiciary some defenders of the squid, otherwise he would be making company for the squid in jail.

  6. Thank you, Glenn and The Intercept.
    We've been rulled by corrupted and dangerous leaders who know no limits to reach their plans.
    Stay steady and safe. Count on us!

    Glen Greenwald is not a journalist, but an activist pro CORRUPTION.
    Glen paid hackers, to spy on high level authorities in Brazil and, published manipulated conversations, with intent to create a false judicial crisis, serious enough to jeopardize penal sentences!
    Glen fabricated possible conversations among authorizes and, attempted to falsely bring to light the fact that highly capable judges were not impartial when sentencing high profile corrupt criminals, which were properly sentenced! However this is only one of the many criminal activities he’s perpetrated against a democratically elected government in Brazil. He is currently being exposed by facts and an efficient investigation! However he continues to propagate lies and manipulations!! The authorities are interested to find out his true motives and whom may be behind him!! It is known that he is attempting to leave the Country in order to evade the authorities.
    This man is not wanted in Brazil, where he is attempting at all costs, to propagate manipulated lies for self benefit and the destruction of Democracy.

  8. Let's see what you have to say now that the hackers are in jail and glenn overdosed on cocaine and was sent to a hospital in Rio. Did Glenn pay the criminal hackers to do the job?

  9. The elite and their financial corruptions against The People of our world
    The elite and their soul corruptions & abominations against children.

    God protect the vulnerable innocent.

  10. Lula is a criminal and corrupt, he was tried by several judges, including by judges that he himself appointed. Greenwald paid a hacker to hack Sérgio Moro's cell phone and this is a crime, after committing this crime he did not find anything serious in Sérgio Moro's messages. Greenwald's newspaper is issuing a series of fake news to end the jet-lag operation, release former criminal president Lula from jail and de-politicize Brazil's current government that is fighting corruption.

  11. This man is publishing illegal information. They are hacking phones of political authorities and publishing it. This is a matter of national security!!! This is criminal!!!

  12. Glenn you are doing a big mistake ,Sergio Moro is an amazing Judge and person .
    You are not a Brazilian native and you don’t know the PT and Lula gangsters.
    Glenn please wash your mouth before speak about the new government team .
    You are a very stupid person
    You are on the corruption side
    You don’t know how much money PT has in Dubai and other countries.

  13. Disappointed that there was no mention of how the corruption benefited the US. I'll also have to go see what the Intercept has got on Israel.

  14. I am a lady who is ashamed of human beings these days, I know what I suffered on the skin with the country in command of the political party called Pt, which all advocate, a communist party although they do not assume, health thrown in the trash , because I did not have it, my husband needed surgery and had to wait a year, so he lost his job, he was unemployed, I had to support the family by myself and start selling what little he had, everything because they wanted our vow, women having their children in the street, people dying in hospitals, because there was no service, my country was chaos.I'm not a partisan, but I have hope that this governs that here it improves the Parents, the worse and see our money that would be for health, education, financing other communist countries, like Cuba, Venezuela and others, in my opinion we were being murderers too, where dictators kill who opposes, kill her and here, is this right, Freud?

  15. 11:17 "Do you think this price is worth it…?" Its damn-well worth it. Posing as a false advocate for justice, Sergio Moro conspired against the basic tenets of human rights and in so doing, established himself as an enemy of humanity. Thank you Glenn. Be safe!

  16. Right now Im a student and pretty broke but once I have more money, I will support The Intercept financially. Fantastic work. This is how journalism should be. Exposing genuine corruption and being unapologetic pro LGBQT and pro human rights and so on


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