Exclusive: This is Android Q's New Gestures – No More Back Button?


We figured out how to enable the in-development gesture revamp in the leaked Android Q build that we obtained for the Google Pixel 3 XL. We go hands-on to compare Android Q’s gestures with Android Pie’s gestures.

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  1. Personally i like physical back, home, and use previous apps button (I know that's not what it's called but i can't remember right now) but that's just me.

  2. Anybody else have a problem where the "full screen gesture" isnt showing up on navigation bar anymore..i was able to toggle it but out of nowhere it changed to the original 3 button setup and when I went back to navigation bar setting ii could no longer find the full screen gesture option.

  3. Stock android now copying what manufacturers did with their skins, I guess YouTubers will still say they like the stock android experience,

  4. So both the old gestures and the new ones don't solve the problem of multitasking. How does one open two apps at the same time?

  5. Never thought the day would come where I prefer Samsung's skin over android. Having that stupid bar there for the gestures is soooooo dumb.

  6. when I quickly double hit the 3rd buton with 3 lines in it.
    it cycles between the last 2 apps and that's very useful for me. also with Samsung if I hit the center buton thrice then the note screen becomes small and suitable for one hand typing which is also a fab feature. that I use multiple times a day. if these features dissapear the I won't use android q and will fall back on older phones and older os

  7. Absolute horrendous. 3rd party manufacturers have better gestures with fulls reen mode and the task viewer is much much better, especially on miui10.

    This implementation on android pie makes me slow.

  8. It's nice to see them rethink navigation. And even though this is still a work-in-progress, I'm not a fan of this. Unused screen realestate is undesirable. Even with the traditional on-screen back/home/recent, it still kind of was an eye sore to me.

    I been using my phones with no persistent nav buttons since the first gen Moto G and never looked back. And I would like to see that option on stock Android phones, instead of having to go through necessary steps one would have to take to remove the on-screen navigation buttons. GravityBox's Pie controls works very well for me, and I would like to so one else's take on navigation with out buttons. 😁

  9. I want to see my calorie consumption figure at the end of a day by comparing just tap a back button vs this redundant finger movement.

  10. Today i jerked off watching porn… honestly only with one free hand i can't imagine to do all those fancy gestures. I prefer a dedicated back button.

  11. I actually loved the Pie gestures in combination with immersive mode, but this is just terrible. Fingers crossed it doesn't make it into the final version.

  12. 1:53 this switching between apps looks exactly like iphone ones and i adore it i really think it is smarter to switch between all ur apps not just 2 app🤩😍

  13. I really like Stock Android as well… But those guestures… I don't know… In my opinion other OEMs do that much better than Google itself… I also find Stock Android Pie not as lightweight-feeling as the older Oreo version…


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