Exploring the SCP Foundation: Antimemetics


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  1. Theory) SCP 3125 and instances of 3125 are either the Pestilance that SCP 045 is trying to protect against. That's why we perceive instances of 045-2 as inhuman, because they're not what we are, they are free of 3125. Or, it's the 'thing' that the Foundation finds with Prodject Phnumo in SCP 5000, which is why they're seen to be missing that spark in their eyes. They've lost what makes them like us, SCP 3125.

  2. Oh come on man, everybody knows their is no antimemetics division……..
    (55555 this is not your first day 🖐️⭐)

  3. But if we know about 055 that it is an antimeme, and we can remember that it is an antimeme. Doesn't that mean it isn't an antimeme?

  4. i fucking love 3125. its one of my favorite and imo is one of the most fascinating scps.
    also, I accidentally cracked the code when i stumbled upon its page and spent some time messing around with the keypad.

  5. So SPC-3125 is the SPC wiki foundation itself. "A group of ideas and concepts that are larger then our reality altering the way we think and see things in our universe" "SPC-3125 terminates anyone who learns its identity. Sounds just like the SPC foundation to me

  6. Wait a second.. for the last SCP discussed in the video, could it be possible that it's connected to the Database 001 proposal and the conciousness that's trying to replace all human thought in the SCP universe is our own meme culture? Because we're living on an entirely different level of reality than them… 🤔 Or I'm rambling..

  7. SCP: Don't worry about me, I'm self containing, don't look into it further.
    [Heavy Breathing Cat Meme]
    Foundation: Lets make some plans to contain it


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