Full disk image backup in Windows 10 (no 3rd party tools)


Full disk image backup in Windows 10 (no 3rd party tools)
You can back-up your entire system image in Windows. There are no tools needed, it’s completely free and built-in to Windows. Check out how to do it in Windows 10.


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  1. What is the main difference between this and file history? I know file history does not backup the operating system. Is this feasable as a main backup solution?

  2. Hey great video just what I am looking for. Can I set an backup schedule with an external hard drive?

    Also I am a little confuse with image backup and recovery drive.
    I am gonna attempt my first clean install and I am a bit scared to mess up. Seems like both will make a copy of your OS just fine.
    But is recovery drive only for troubleshoot and reboot the OS (no personal data); and the image backup, as the name suggest a backup of the OS including personal data, but will only work with a working OS so if any problem arises I cannot reinstall the OS/backup?

  3. Does this backup drivers, Windows settings and all that too? I'd like to make a backup image of a fresh Windows install but with all the drivers and stuff needed for it to work properly so I don't have to install them again when I want to reinstall my Windows.


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