History Memes 42


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  1. That japan in China history was really bad, no Japanese invasion of China occured before the late Qing period, and before that Chinese pirate lords often take over vast coastal areas in japan to raid japanese, korean and chinese vessels. After the first sino-Japanese war, japan was the few nations that actually allows a Chinese government to send students and military officers to be trained so they may support the construction of a mordern chinese society and army. During the revolutionary wars, the Waseda University even lowered their flag to mourn the death in one of tge battles, as many of the revolution chinese leader that died fighting was their distinguished alumni. Do you know who actually sold the ROC modern armed vessel after WW1? Japan, the ROC's best ships of the period was Japanese. Order to English and german factory resulted in their desired vessels confiscated by the navies of the respective navies. And the crusiers that the japanese delivered were great, able to maneuver in the long winding rivers of China, worth only 50% of the price of the best Japanese crusier of the period, and ~75% of its combating capabilities.

    Even now, in the corona virus out break, japan remains one of the most friendly nation towards Chinese.

  2. Mongolian Empire: I have taken over China, Japan shall be next.
    Japanese Empire: Let me introduce you to what is known as a typhoon.

    Mongolian Empire: Let's try again.
    Japanese Empire: midway through NOPE typhoon

  3. 8:04 a random guy with a wrench: build sentry with 130 metal
    A random maniac : scream and shoot rocket
    A randok german medic : I AM FULLY CHARGE

  4. Vietnam in their history: cute infant spongebob
    Vietnam in the world's history: scary spongebob with a spatula

  5. So you say Hungary is just in our history (because I'm hungaryan)? You know first Christofer Colombus (I don't know how to write his name in english) was the first person who found America and he was hungaryan, and I don't really think this is the only thing that in other historys teaching.

  6. Ottoman Empire in Turkish history books: super strong spongebob

    Ottoman Empire in Syria&Egyth history books: Angry Spongebob

    Ottoman Empire in European history books: Weak Spongebob

    Ottoman Empire in rest of the world history books:


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